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Commissions closed until December! Posted 2 months ago
I currently don't have access to some of my drawing tools, which will affect the quality of my drawing. So until then, I won't accept commissions :)

New years resolution ; some good news Posted 9 months ago
Hey everyone, first let me wish you a Happy New Year. These last few months were a huge pain in the butt for me, but I am finally recovering from my tendonitis and its side effects. So let me give you some advice so that you don't experience the hell I've been through:
- it is important to have your armrests at the same height as the desk. Otherwise your wrists are folded, creating more tension on the long term.
- do not sit all day long for several weeks. That's how I got huge shoulder and back pain.
- if your wrist starts hurting, take A REAL break, for at least a week. No phone, no computer.

Alright, now for other news: what do I have in store for 2021?

I've been wanting to explore more of my character's background for quite a while now. I...
[ Continued ... ]
Aaaand it got worse. Posted 11 months ago
Remember I said I had a tendinitis 2 months ago? Guess what, it turns out I didn't recover as I thought and now it got worse. Doctor can't explain it, radiography detects no anomaly... Fuck me,man.
Therefore I'll be completely inactive from now on, until freak knows when. (I can still post commissions I bought though, I don't need too much effort for that)
QnA for the Milestone! Posted 11 months ago
Hello everyone!
As I said in my previous blog post, I had reached 1k watchers and wanted to make something special for the occasion.
Well... Here it is!
I'm opening a QnA where you can ask questions directly to my OCs! (Or to me, if you find me somewhat interesting).

Thank you all for your support, once again! :D
1000 watchers!!... And some bad news Posted 1 year ago
Woo, we've just reached 1k watchers on Eka's portal, BUT ALSO on Deviantart! So, that means..
2k, technically ?
I actually wanted to draw something special for it to thank you all. But, here come the bad news...
The week before 8/8, I spent every afternoon drawing and colorizing non stop. But it turns out I had a bad posture and, at the end of the week, I got a tendinitis. 3 weeks later, it's not getting better.
That means I have to stop any activity involving my wrist. Hell, I shouldn't even be writing this. This also means that commissions are closed.

I really hope I can recover soon. Thank you all again, and take care of your posture!
Opening commissions! Posted 1 year ago
Hello there!

As the title says, I'm open to commissions. Hopefully I can get busy for the month, during the summer holidays.
Prices and conditions are here:
ALSO, I feel like doing photomorphs commissions, for 5$ per picture! See my topic here for samples:

If you're interested, send your request through PMs!
Photomorphs! Posted 1 year ago
Hey there!
I've been doing some vore photomorphs over the past 2 years, and now I'm sharing them on this topic:

I hope you'll enjoy! :)
Closing commissions + Happy New Year! Posted 1 year ago
Whew, I didn't expect to fill the five slots so fast! To be honest, I was kinda losing hope, and then BOOM, five clients in just two weeks!

Anyway, I'm closing the slots for now. I may reopen someday! But for now, I'm gonna end the year, pass my semester exam, and hopefully finish the commissions by February. Woo!...

Anyway, have a nice 2020 folks!

PS : you might have noticed the "New character sheets" folder in my gallery. They should arrive soon... Hopefully.
Opening commissions ! Posted 2 years ago
Yep, that's right.

Although I'm not the best artist out there, I've been considering this for quite a while now, and currently I need a budget for personnal project so... Here we go!
This is just a first test. I'll open only five slots and will do only drawings, not stories. If, however, there are more than five demands, I'll choose the five that'll interest me the most.

More info here : ... id=Hozomat

Cheers !
500 watchers! Posted 2 years ago
Welp, as the title says, I've reached half a thousand followers.
I mean... Thank you! What else can I say?
Perhaps I can tell you that I have new projects in mind, such as new characters, more stories, and maybe more drawings, but I'm not spoiling you yet!

Anyway, thanks again! :D