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January 2023 Posted 7 months ago
General Info
January was straight up my month. I don’t know if it has something to do with being the Monday of the year (I love Mondays <3) or if there’s something in the water, but I devastated my project list. As of right now I’m counting 11 fully colored images, 13 icons, and 18 greyscale sketches.
I’m actually hyped to say that I’ve gotten to the last 3 projects on my backlog. They’re huge projects, but they’re the last stretch before I can consider myself officially caught up. The only stuff past that is the few commissions I took for February completion, which are on schedule to be finished up exactly when they’re supposed to be! I feel super powerful, not gonna lie. It’s been like…. Years of feeling that I’m struggling to just stay above...
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Jan 2023 - I return! Posted 8 months ago
General Info
Ya’ll I cannot begin to tell you how much ass I kicked this month. I’m flyin’ through my backlog, I’m feelin’ healthy and lookin’ good, and I’ve got some big fuckin’ plans this year for myself and my work. It’s all gradual and so much of what I’m doing feels like baby steps after all the shit I’ve been through (moving cross country, attempting to buy a house and failing after the seller jerked us around and consequently living in very unpleasant hotels for 6 weeks, fibromyalgia diagnosis, 9 month-long injury that prevented me from working and made me question everything I was, the list goes on.)
Honestly, as I’m sitting here writing this, I am in a good place. I am mentally healthy, my medication is doing its job, and I’ve got a massive personal victory to...
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Nov 2022 - New York! Posted 10 months ago
General Info
Man, I am worn out. After the whole housing fiasco I've been doing my best to get settled into the new townhouse but it's taken a lot and unpacking is hard when you have a thousand decorations but no shelves to put them on. (Walmart always got my back though.) I've been trying to keep upbeat but when you keep unpacking boxes that were originally packed for a life that you don't have now, it's hard and just reminds me of what I don't have. And what I'm left with is a lot of decorations and nowhere to put them.
I am legitimately hurting for solutions to shelving, so if anyone wants to help out with the costs of starting from zero, I got a...
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2022 Hiatus - Temporary I Swear Posted 1 year ago
Good morning all! I've gotten a breather from packing, so I figured I'd update everyone as to what's going on with me~

As of right now, I am on hiatus on FA, Eka's, and Twitter. This does not affect SubscribeStar or my discord server.
I will not be posting new art and I will not be taking new commissions until January 1st. I will try to answer any and all messages as I am available to do so.

I am (and will be) still active on SubscribeStar and in my discord server!
SubscribeStar is still my main focus, they get all of my finished art as...
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May 2022 - Diagnosis Posted 1 year ago
So over the weekend my doctor told me she thinks I have fibromyalgia. It's a condition that causes widespread body pain with seemingly no cause that can have varying degrees from day to day, and sometimes you can be kind of okay one day and other days you can't get out of bed. It can't be cured, and there isn't a medication for it. It turns into a game of "What can I get done with how much pain i'm in today".
This, understandably, sucks.

Going forward for me, this means there isn't a lot I can do about my inconsistent availability. Sometimes I'll be okay and will be able to work, and sometimes I won't. For everyone that might be upset about this, including myself, I'm sorry. It's not anything I'm doing or could have done differently. This is just... how it is....
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May Update Posted 1 year ago
Starting May 1st, I am re-opening commissions to non-subscribers. These will function exactly the same way as subscriber comms, meaning that you can fill out the form linked below to order either a prepose or, if you’re feeling fancy, a custom commission that will then be turned into a prepose for future use. Discord users get priority; these forms close MONDAY MAY 9TH.
In May, I will have 3 slots. Orders are not first-come first-serve, they are my choice.
In order of importance, these are the factors I consider when going through order forms:
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Late 2021 Update Posted 1 year ago
-Current Work Schedule-
Mon-Wed: Commissions
Thurs: Flexible
Fri: Comics
Support Options: SubscribeStar - card only

I’m doing mostly preposed commissions these days! You can see my currently available preposes here:
Prepose Catalogue | Prepose Order Form (only available when submissions are open)
Commissions open the 14th of every month. Commissions are exclusive to Subscribers in Discord or SubscribeStar.
The only guaranteed way to get a commission...
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Stuff Posted 2 years ago
Updates on what I'm doing these days!

I'm doing Preposes/YCHs again! You can see my currently available preposes here:
Prepose Catalogue | Prepose Order Form (only available when submissions are open)
Commissions open in the first week of every month.

Non-preposed work rates below. Please contact me via email at [email protected] for inquiries, quotes, and more information.
-$26/hr for standard work (cell-shaded pinups, covers, that sort of thing)
-$35/hr for design work (characters, ref sheets, etc)
-$600/pg for comics with a...
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Hey Yall Posted 3 years ago
I'm back. There's been a LOT of shit that's happened in my personal life that honestly I'm way too worn out to regale ya'll with at this point. I've been dealt a pretty shit hand and now I'm trying to fall back into freelancing. Right now I could really use your support, not just financially but emotionally as well; I'm struggling a lot these days.

I've revamped and re-opened my SubscribeStar, as well as brought back the pinup tiers that folks kept requesting. (I also have a notification list for those spots and if you'd like to be notified when one becomes available, please let me know if you wanna get added to it and I'll put your name on.) Thanks to an incredible friend I was able to get myself a new tablet after my old one was stolen in the break-in, so I'm back to doing...
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Howdy. Posted 3 years ago
Howdy. I got fired in the most polite way possible. This is a rough one for me to write so bear with me on it, if you don’t mind.

I posted a bit ago about how I had been offered a new job and decided to take it. Great benefits, great pay, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything, much less my future. Really cool on paper. My health had recently taken a nosedive (as a lot of folks in my Discord server are aware of, as well as my friends elsewhere, I’ve struggled with my carpal tunnel for years and have recently been dealing with what I think might be a torn ligament in both arms as well) and I was looking forward to not having to struggle to pay bills while I recovered. Like I can’t begin to tell y'all how jazzed I was about this.

I waited almost 4 weeks to start...
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