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May Has Sucked Posted 13 days ago
I'm a big advocate for helping other people when I can and encouraging folks to take care of themselves. Genius that I am, apparently, it seems like that advice doesn't apply to me.
bout 3 weeks ago I ended up stressing my wrist to the point that I've been unable to use my right hand. I haven't been very talkative about it because I assumed I'd be able to get back to work quickly and make up for lost time but even after these few weeks I'm still struggling to use my wrist without any pain. I'm not ambidextrous and I only have the one hand to draw with and with it being unable to work, I haven't been out here producing art.

I love my job and I love you guys but I do believe my health needs to come first in this situation. I'll keep you all updated but in the meantime I...
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The Apocalypse or whatever Posted 1 month ago
Hi! I wanted to take a minute to say that the world is on fire and that really blows, I know there's a huge adjustment period everyone's going through right now. I hope you're all staying safe and washing your hands!!

Thankfully the apocalypse hasn't stopped me; I've been super productive this month! I think as of right now I've done 2 comic pages and 11 colored pieces, with several more planned before the 30th. These have all been shared over on SubscribeStar (which is really great and you should absolutely support independent artists by signing up) along with a few bonus sketches and doodles. I've also got a discord server if you're wanting folks to chat and hang with! The atmosphere is queer/LGBT+ friendly and laid back, and every now...
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Surgery 2020 (Recovery Process) Posted 3 months ago
On January 22nd I went in for top surgery, which is honestly the first time I'm admitting it to anyone outside of my friend circles. Being trans is scary and the internet loves to find reasons to hate people. But I spent long enough hating myself and I don't want to add to the negativity so I'm just gonna throw it out there and leave it at that.

It's really freeing being able to go about my life without worrying about a huge and uncomfortable weight on my chest day and night. I used to hide in the house for days at a time, not wanting to go for walks or run errands because people would see me and I couldn't handle that thought. I would sit inside and just beg myself to get up because I had to go grocery shopping, but I waited until midnight or later to do...
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Surgery 2020 Posted 4 months ago
TL;DR: I’m having surgery on the 22nd that’ll leave me unable to use my arms for a few weeks. That sucks. Here’s some links you can use to say hi, keep me company, and help financially.
GoFundMe | Store | Commissions | SubscribeStar | Discord | Wishlist

On January 22nd I will be having surgery. This is not a life-threatening procedure, but I will be unable to use my arms for...
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October Update Posted 7 months ago
For the last 4 years, I’ve fantasized about pushing my focus into working on my own character stories and sharing comics and illustrations of that world that I feel will satisfy me more fully as a creator and bring something vital of myself to the table when it comes to creating original work. I’ve decided that, starting today, I’ll be pushing myself to share more of my original characters and world, GG’s.

GG’s Nightclub is an original world full of sin and debauchery, staffed by the damned and where anything and anyone is for sale. The club is owned and operated by Anabaa, a deal-making devil who’s managed to amass a veritable army of employees through cunning wordplay and powerful deals that always seem to end in her favor.

To learn more about this world, I have...
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Happy August! Posted 9 months ago
hey not to be That Guy but it's my birthday this month (on the 23rd!) & i have an amazon wishlist available if you're so inclined to peep it! I'm also running a sale this week on my online store so you can check either of those out if you've got a little money to toss 'round!
https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/Q ... _=wl_share
Subscribestar Paypal Options Posted 10 months ago
I know a few folks have had trouble migrating over to SubscribeStar because of lack of PayPal support (no surprise given PayPal's policy on NSFW content) but a couple users have notified me of a site called privacy.com where you can set up a virtual credit card. Supposed to be easy enough to figure out and use, so if that's been a hangup for you, here's another option!

My SubscribeStar
Patreon Shut Down Posted 11 months ago
Patreon shut my page down on bullshit reasons with a little cyberstalking thrown in for good measure so I've migrated over to SubscribeStar. If you can toss me a few dollarydoos over there it'd be a big help, I just lost most of my monthly income thanks to this :'D

Patreon Flagged & Wiped Posted 11 months ago
This morning, I woke up to an e-mail letting me know that my account has been flagged for inappropriate content. This is, unfortunately, the fourth time this has happened, with what feels like a steadily-decreasing amount of time in between each flag. I’m faced with the decision to either tone down the content I want to create to fit into Patreon’s ever-narrowing description of what is and isn’t “acceptable,” or I can choose to host the content I want elsewhere. I’m choosing the latter.

I'm now hosting all of my Patreon content over on my Discord server and, as such, have lowered the pricetag for two of the tiers for the trouble. I think everything will still operate smoothly after these changes, but it's a huge pain in my ass having to deal with it. I'm getting really tired...
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Patreon Relaunch Posted 1 year ago
Hey ya’ll!
Earlier in March I officially relaunched my Patreon, streamlining my focus and finally reworking the page to spotlight the thing I’m most passionate about: making adult comics!

If you haven’t looked in a while, or have had to leave for whatever reason, please take a look at the new revamped page!

I’ve got new goals and rewards, including new waitlists for personalized art rewards and access to awesome comics way before the public, as well as TWO Patreon-exclusive comics (Deals With A Devil and...
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