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Happy Posted 2 months ago
On a whole, I now have a clearer understanding of how I like to ink/color.
Pencil for inking, simple watercolors for colors, and keep the lines moderate and not overcluttered.
I'm happy.
Back to commissions.
Revelation Posted 3 months ago
I just need to admit to myself I don't enjoy coloring. I don't enjoy choosing colors, I don't enjoy the act of coloring, I don't enjoy how subjective it is to me, and I truly don't like how easy it is to completely ruin good line art with shitty or boring colors. Just no..
I gotta stand firm on this choice, because unlike with line art, coloring has brought me zero happiness. The only thing that keeps me coming back I suppose is not knowing what kind of career I can have with just solely doing line art or monochrome works..
Opinion Posted 3 months ago
Need yall's opinion, which line art style do you prefer from me?
My thin lines, or my somewhat thicker line art?
Updated Quick Commission Prices Posted 6 months ago
So my new prices for quick commissions will be as follows:
$135 for black and white
$165 colored option
In an effort to make this a more full time job, I feel these adjustments will help me keep afloat where I currently am. I'll be open after these two commissions.
If I didn't get to you, I'll try to in the next batch. I'm only taking 2 for now to see just how fast I can naturally get these out while working on my larger commissions. If I can plow through these, these I'll take more.
COMMISSION INFO Posted 7 months ago
In an effort to increase my speed and get a fire under my ass, I've made efforts to make this my full time job.
Make or break time for me.
What this means is while I'm not taking large commissions atm, I'll be taking smaller sized busts/mawshot/POV commissions. I'm still figuring out prices for the smaller commissions, but these will be done while I work on the larger ones I still have on my backlog. I'll update shortly.
Better Posted 8 months ago
Quick post, but I'm feeling much better about my style. I've come to terms that my goal isn't to be "genius level" with art, but simple and detailed enough to get my works/ideas out. My style is getting to that comfortable point, and that's all I need for the moment.
Update Posted 10 months ago
Still alive, still quite unhappy with my style, but moving on.
Working on commissions, and trying to figure out why I still hate my art. Perhaps it's a lack of purpose, but we'll see.
Commissions and Future Goals Posted 1 year ago
So moving forward, commissions will be back up after I finish the previous ones. I'll also be way more picky about what exactly I'm willing to draw, since trying to draw everything isn't fun for me, I realize. I know what I like, how I like to draw, and to be honest trying to appeal to a large audience of subjects I don't care about isn't for me.
Also there will be more loli/shota around this page..look forward to that XD There's a few Touhou related object vore comics I have drafted that I'm SUPER itching to flesh out. <3

Concerning my giant boy Yasuo, he will return once I decide on a new, interesting design for him. I miss my boi, so I hope to get to him maybe next year..(any ideas are appreciated)

Lastly, that previous Majorita pic I feel I was way...
[ Continued ... ]
SubscribeStar Adult alternatives Posted 1 year ago
So I've been waiting for about 2 weeks for Subscribestar to approve my account and my patience is pretty much gone at this point. I understand there is probably a large influx of people as well trying to get approved as well, but I plan to get started with a site ASAP. So would any of you fellow peeps know of alternatives in the meantime, especially with my inclusion of loli?