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Next Art Piece Poll Posted 4 months ago
Been feeling directionless after the holidays, maybe I'll turn one of my side-Twitter shitposts into a comic.

Which should it be?
Opening for Commissions Soon-ish Maybe? Posted 4 months ago
Yeah, if you've been following me on Twitter, I've been toying with this idea for a while.

Maybe I'll open once 2022 rolls around.

Also, I still need to do some research (i.e., any) on what to set my prices as. Probably why I've been lackadaisy on opening. Sorry! :p
Anti-Digestion Crowd (Hello Darkness My Old Friend) Posted 5 months ago

Just starting to get more and more anti-digestion fans messaging me and commenting on how I should do non-digestion stuff or stuff that suits their tastes more.

Expect a lot more blatant digestion/fatal work in the future, everyone!~

no i'm not bitter shaddup
Even More Writing Commissions Maybe? Posted 6 months ago
...Yeah, this is just me trying to find who's open for writing commissions now, isn't it?

Me: "Hmm, I want to commission some stories again."
My brain: "Do you even know any authors who are: 1.) Open for commissions and 2.) Do TF/TG and pregnancy stuff?"
Me: "...Okay, more alcohol to shut you up, then."
More Writing Commissions in the Future, Maybe? Posted 7 months ago
This is a bit of an odd one - I've been sitting on a visual novel/dating sim type game idea for years now. The reason it hasn't really gone anywhere is that I'm lazy about actually writing out all the dialogue and story, oddly even more than writing the script to run the dang game itself.

So part of me was thinking of maybe commissioning a handful of stories to maybe adapt into the game? I dunno yet.

The general idea was a casual vore world where parts of the population legally become prey when they turn a certain age. The MC is one such person, and the "dating sim" part was just picking one pred's story from a variety of them. Because it's me, it's got to be fatal. :B

Any authors out there open for commissions who're into F/M, super casual,...
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Psst Posted 10 months ago

I'm just going to leave this here.

Oh yeah, I'm on Twitter @2Irate2Literate and @kitsunepartner, there's a lot more of my non-vore art there.
Art Suggestion CuriousCat Posted 10 months ago

First of all, thanks for all the support lately with my most recent art! I was absolutely blown away - thank you so much!~

So I've been on a particular art/subject kick lately. If y'all have any belly-centric (vore, stuffing, weight gain, pregnancy, etc.) scenarios with a particular waifu of choice, feel free to suggest it on the CuriousCat! I make no promises on finishing any/all of them, but if any of them are detailed enough and pique my interest, no harm in shooting your shot, right?~
Boom Commissioned Story, Go Read! Posted 11 months ago
A while back, I put out a casting call of sorts because I was interested in commissioning a story or stories involving my "boyfriend dumping"-obsessed anthro corgi gal, Boom. WolfSnack  wolfSnack reached out to me, but the story kinda ended up growing a lot longer than either of us originally intended. The basic premise was that Zia, Boom's roommate, reluctantly asked Boom to help her with dumping her own boyfriend, which the corgi is more than happy to oblige.

Anyway! WolfSnack did an amazing job writing it - go and check it out the first of five chapters! (Contains digestion, scat, disposal):
Any Commission Authors Out There? Posted 1 year ago
Been thinking of commissioning some stuff with Boom... Any authors out there open for commissions and aren’t against writing a scat/toilet-focused dog gal?
More Content, Maybe? Posted 1 year ago
Hey, hope y'all are safe and doing well. It's been a little while - I've been around, just working slowly on art. I've been considering posting some more of my non-vore, but still kink-focused work on here, just to keep the gallery a bit more active.

No, this doesn't mean I'm stopping drawing vore or anything. Anyone who knows me well knows that I kinda go in cycles when it comes to what I'm in the mood to draw, and I thought I could maybe share more of that work here, especially since I'd imagine some of y'all don't follow my work outside of the Portal.

Good idea, bad idea? I dunno, but I just do happen to have a lot of other work and while that would mean vore would take a backseat, it's never far from my mind. Sometimes I happen to want to explore other things,...
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