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Any Commission Authors Out There? Posted 2 weeks ago
Been thinking of commissioning some stuff with Boom... Any authors out there open for commissions and aren’t against writing a scat/toilet-focused dog gal?
More Content, Maybe? Posted 2 months ago
Hey, hope y'all are safe and doing well. It's been a little while - I've been around, just working slowly on art. I've been considering posting some more of my non-vore, but still kink-focused work on here, just to keep the gallery a bit more active.

No, this doesn't mean I'm stopping drawing vore or anything. Anyone who knows me well knows that I kinda go in cycles when it comes to what I'm in the mood to draw, and I thought I could maybe share more of that work here, especially since I'd imagine some of y'all don't follow my work outside of the Portal.

Good idea, bad idea? I dunno, but I just do happen to have a lot of other work and while that would mean vore would take a backseat, it's never far from my mind. Sometimes I happen to want to explore other things,...
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Human OCs Needed Maybe! Posted 4 months ago
Posted a thing on Tumblr but might as well do it here as well: planning on an AV sequence involving Velouria and A LOT of prey, does anyone have any human OCs they don’t mind shoving into Vel?~
Boom Posted 7 months ago
Wow y'all really like Boom the naughty toilet-focused dog.

Duly noted.
Re: Breakdown Posted 7 months ago
I know I haven't been active here, but I haven't really been doing any vore art lately. I was doing other art elsewhere, but due to recent breakdowns again lately, I've declared my usual indefinite hiatus.

My work, despite my reservations, is staying. I myself will just be vanishing, as any joy I could get from posting my work has just been continually eroded away over the years. Not that I'll ever stop doing art, that I still absolutely enjoy. But attempting to be in the public internet eye and continually struggling is something I'm just not getting anything beneficial from anymore.

I saw internet art sharing as a community, a way to finally fit in and have people of similar interests close. But apart from maybe the first year or so of posting fandom stuff, I...
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Oh Hey, Some Good News Actually ( /end breakdown ) Posted 11 months ago
My work stays. Hooray!

But I feel as though I need an actual, I'm-going-to-stick-to-it-break. I have been rather unpredictable, incredibly whiny, and spitefully self-destructive lately. Truth be told, it has kind of been massively building for the past few years - major depression, unmanageable anxiety, and recommendation into seeing if I have borderline personality disorder.

Even if I don't, I've been unfairly taking my anxieties and rage out on the community, and I'm sorry for that. You all definitely deserve a break from the many negative sides of me.

So I'm going radio silent with the intent to come back later, having hopefully improved myself mentally, emotionally, and medically. As sloppy as it was, quitting social media has definitely been a...
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Beginning of the End? Posted 11 months ago
I deleted the IrateLiterate accounts on Twitter and Tumblr.

No more of them there. They were doing pitiful in terms of activity and attention and it's only a matter of time until that stretches to this account as well.
On IrateLiterate in 2020 (HIATUS) Posted 11 months ago
Oh hey, the blog feature's working again. Cool.

Unfortunately, IrateLiterate won't really be working again, at least not for a while. I'm going on a proper, actually announced to the world hiatus from posting. A lot of the joy of posting this kind of work in this name isn't really making me happy.

I'll always be working on art. For now, I've just been keeping it private and I've been happier and more confident in it. Part of the reason why I started posting in the first place was because I was young and optimistic and I had always viewed this scene as a place where I could fit in and maybe make a name for myself. All these years later and neither of those two things have really happened. I've pretty much dropped to be a nobody here, and there are a lot of artists...
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Might Be Leaving, Maybe? Posted 1 year ago
Have I lost passion in working on art? No.

Have I lost passion in posting art I do online? Yes.

I just haven't been happy in so long, I've been irrelevant and forgettable and past what I could charitably call my "prime" for even longer. Maybe it's a sign I should just delete my stuff and leave. I feel so disconnected from the community that it just makes me wonder why I'm still forcing myself to try and stay, in the hopes that I might fit in somewhere?
Diagnosis Posted 1 year ago
I've been diagnosed with moderate cubital tunnel syndrome.

For now, I'm to deal with a steroid, anti-inflammatories, wearing a brace, and physical therapy.

And if all that fails, then corrective surgery.