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The fuck HOW?? Posted 3 weeks ago
200+ favorites in just some hours lmaoooo
I love everyone
And i think is more by the fact that i posted a lot today
Thanks to everyone who support my stuff
I'm glad to know that yall enjoy my content
Ask me for anything Posted 1 month ago
Make questions, whatever you would like to know
i will answer everything (maybe)
just want to have a little more of interaction with yall
yall are cool ppl i wanna interact with 1+2>
WooOooooOoooW THANKS A LOT Posted 1 month ago
100 faves in less than 24 hours... Wow
I'm glad everyone enjoy my stuff
Thanks ^^
Just wanted to say it ^^"
Today's reveal Posted 1 month ago
I will make a little of time to draw smash pyra and mithra vore cya
Happy valentines !! Posted 2 months ago
Hope everyone is going good ^^
And sorry if i'm kind of late "
Help Posted 2 months ago
Damn, again
I'm going trough a ecconomical strggle right now
I thanks everyone that have worried about me and helped me in any way
But now i have to directly ask for help "
As known
I accept any type of support
Moral and with commissions
Thanks a lot everyone ^^""" and sorry
Having problems Posted 2 months ago
Good evening
As the titles said i'm not good, and it's not first time, i have made this various times back
So, i need help, the ecconomical struggle is worse and worse everyday here,
The point is
That i need help
sorry for the bothering
As i always say, any type of support is valid, moral, ecconomical, etc
Thanks to everybody
Happy new year! Posted 2 months ago
Literally forgot to post something like this and it has been half a month lmao
I hope you guys are receiving this first month really good, i kinda do
For the ppl who is goin good then i wish the rest of the year goes this or better, and the ones that are going... Not pretty good, i hope the year turns onto better guys, this last year has been like my first year in this platform and i have been receiving a great support, better than i though thanks for supporting my work i'm really glad we are almost 500, i'm so glad that yall enjoy my weird drawings
I have met great people and great artists here
Thanks a lot guys ^^
I hope yall a great 2021!
Also poor marketing time yay, i have commissions open whenever and i really need a little help...
[ Continued ... ]
ISETA'S HOLIDAYS OFFERTS! (Or something like that ) Posted 3 months ago
That's it
I will be doing vore commissions
The offert is simple, internal/extra character is free
So you only have to pay the pred/main character price (25usd)
25usd for one full colored and shaded picture with internal/extra character
I'm new with this ^^"" this i gonn long one week until the next thursday 31 (the end of the year XD)
In January first the offert will end buut i will still be able to do commissions after that day
Going worse Posted 4 months ago
When i said the processor melted it went from bad to worse, the overheat of the processor melted circuits in the motherboard, basically, it fucked up and it has no fix.
I replaced the processor already two days ago
Now i have to buy another motherboard since the actual is 9-10 years old and melted
I still need help to repair it since my older sis works in it.
As always, any kind of help and support works, commission, moral support, donations, etc.