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To all Watchers - Requests Posted 3 years ago
Wow, I have like, over 100 of you folks watching me, in what I assume means you get updates on when I post something new. That's pretty fricken sweet if you ask me. So with that, I want to inform those of you who actually read these things, feel free to request what you would like to see drawn, I do requests all the time, so don't be shy on asking. In fact, the only time you should ever consider commissioning me is when you want your drawing done before anything else. It's not that I am running out of ideas, its just I want to hear a few new ones outside of my own imagination.

So again, feel free to request something, I will put every request I get into a list in notepad and look into that text file when I am about to draw something else, to bring your ideas to the light. Or...
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Wise Words... Posted 4 years ago
Save Often...You never know what your awesome sauce PC has in store for you next =_=

I won't be working on anything at all for a while (Pictures, commissions, requests, edits, ect...). My PC crashed on me in the middle of working on something for the last time :roll: , so I am not touching that thing until I get it replaced, i'm done trying to repair it. I will however still be around of course, just not contributing to anything for the time being. I got some catching up to do with my PS4 anyway. But again, I WILL BE BACK to posting things regularly when I can, maybe January or something, I don't know. Sorry to those who actually enjoy my content ...
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