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Whew... Posted 1 month ago
62... f*cking... drawings... in one month. How the HELL did I do that? I rarely have that kind of drive, so I'm quite proud of myself. That being said, I'll be taking a break for a while. How long will that break be? I have no idea.

I think the posts I've done for the Month of the Monsters- both here and on my DA -are some of the best I've made. Go ahead and check out the main series here, and have a Happy Halloween!
It's My Birthday! Posted 1 month ago
October 20th- my birthday! I'm 22 years old now. Here's to another year of the scribbles that I call art!

I actually won't be posting a Month of the Monsters today. I have something else in mind that will be going up shortly. I'll either do today's prompt tomorrow or at the end of the month, so don't worry.
Daily Drawing Challenge: Month of the Monsters Posted 2 months ago
For the month of October, I'm gonna be doing a drawing challenge where I post one of my monster designs every day- the Month of the Monsters. I don't want to post absolutely nothing on Eka's for an entire month, though, and since my strange mood swings currently have me really motivated, I'll be trying to make a vore-related post for as many of the prompts as I can! I severely doubt that I'll have the time or the motivation to do a full 31, but I'll give it my all.

If any of you wanna join in- with or without vore -I'd be delighted to see your creations. If you are doing vore related entries, my only rule is that there needs to be at least one non-human pred. It's the Month of the Monsters, after all. I realize that I'm not well-known enough for that many people to actually...
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General Reception Posted 4 months ago
I've been curious how people see my work. How would you describe my drawings, in a word? Cute, sexy, something else?
Stories? Posted 5 months ago
I do a fair bit of writing in my off time- most of it is for novels, but I also write some short stories, and plenty of those are vore related. Would anyone be interested in me uploading those?
Time For an Upgrade Posted 7 months ago
My new I-Pad just arrived! I finally decided to replace the fossil of a device that I've been using, and I'm setting the new one up right now.
Got My Covid Vaccine Posted 7 months ago
I finally got my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine today. I react poorly to needles, though, so I've been out of commission for most of the day.
Any Interest in These Girls? Posted 8 months ago
I don't plan on making this a regular thing, but would any of you be interest in seeing vore with some of my more serious characters? I've got tons of them, but these are the ones I'd be comfortable doing vore with.

Lynn AKA Synchro:
Opinions on my OC Posted 9 months ago
What do you guys think of my primary OC, Shi? Here's some pictures of you her for those of you haven't seen her.
New OC? Posted 9 months ago
I've done a few pictures of random designs that aren't pre-established characters of mine. I kind of want to use a few of them again, but I've got quite a few OCs already- including several I haven't shown off on this site yet -so I figured I'd ask you guys. Which of these would you like to see made into a proper character?

The rebel angel from
The accident-prone peasant girl from
The bitchy demoness from