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Computer Finally Replaced!! Posted 1 month ago

The ol' 2010s hunk of junk I was streaming/working on has been replaced! We've installed a new Motherboard, CPU & RAM for something much more modern.
Thankfully the GPU, PSU, Case, and Cables were compatible, so we saved some money there.

This has been a HUGE burden of stress lifted off my back, so my greatest of thanks to all of you who helped make this upgrade possible!!
Now that we've run the clock down on the PC Death-Timer, we can confidently return to work without worrying about memory limitations or hardware failures.


    • I'll be returning to regular Streams come New Years over on Picarto and...

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Ear Infection, Migraines, and JOKES :) Posted 2 months ago
I came down with a serious ear infection and I've had a never-ending nuclear migraine for the last week or so.
I can hear and feel the fluid in my head, and I can't walk, let alone tell up from down right now.

So, to pass the time while I lay on the floor waiting for the sweet release of death to save me from this nauseous nightmare,
I made some dark jokes to cope with the pain I am currently experiencing. Eh-hem:

    My head is ringing like Alexander Graham Bell is jerking off to 1876 phone sex.

    Anyone know any local Necromancers? I gotta guy named James Wilkes Booth whom I need to talk to about a personal request.

    At this point I'm about to caveman my face into a sea urchin to expel the demons in my...

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Real Talk: How This Community Treats Artists. [RANT] Posted 3 months ago
I need to get this off my chest, and I feel like it's about damn time someone said something...

I cannot speak for other artists, (even though I know I'm not the only one who feels this way).
But I need to stand up for myself. So I apologize if you feel personally attacked when reading this, but this has been a long time coming...
    Just because an artist draws you porn, does not mean we're your wage-slave or that you're entitled to our damn attention.

I've been doing a lot of thinking during my break. I realized that I've been bottling up a shit ton of resentment that a lot of people on this website have put me though over the years. And after chatting with others, I know I'm not the only one here who feels this way. I'll let...
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Comming Back Posted 3 months ago
As much as I didn't want to, I took my friends' advice.

I stepped away for 2 weeks to get myself together, a mental break, and haven't been online much in that time. Very difficult for me, especially when it feels selfish, but I know it was for the best.

My computer is still busted, so I still need to fix that and I still cannot stream at current computer conditions. I still need to find another file host aside from MEGA, so there's some things to do.

Come this Monday, I'll be back and more talkative again.
Preds, preys, and your Favs? Posted 4 months ago
So while i've been taking a break, I've been looking at my art uploads and your comments, etc...

It looks like what I'm most know for are Short stacks preds and sadomastic teasing. I myself, am a big fan of Short stacks, lolis, smols, and power-play dubcon in vore; which I guess explains my main character, Kat/Klemintine, which most people know me for.

    I am wondering, what kind of preds/prey relationships would you like to see me draw?

    • Femboy preds?
    • Smol/Loli preds?
    • Big Women and Milf preds?
    • Something different?

Leave a comment about what you're interested in seeing me draw bellow!
MEGA Drive Rerouted Posted 4 months ago
    To my SubscribeStar Users, $15 Friday Patrons, and Commissioners: Please be patient for your files while I reupload everything.

►► Part One ◄◄
I rerouted the MEGA Drive to a different account, and I will be reconnecting everything.

• From now on, public keys will NOT be given, EVER.
• You will receive an individual PGP key that once you've used, is no good.
• If you need a new Key, you're going to have to DM me for one.

And as for whoever thought they were being funny, anonymously false-flagging me and terminating my old account:
MEGA Drive: Terminated, WHY?? Posted 4 months ago
I wake up today to find that my MEGA Drive was terminated. The ACTUAL FUCK??

I only hosted my own art there. Literally just the $15 Friday and Subscribe Star stuff.
I've been hosting that shit for 3 YEARS. 3 years with no problems, art streams, etc...

    Oh, and might I note, I think it's SUPER interesting that after 3 years, I post the public MEGA link HERE, on Ekas, last Friday: ►►See here◄◄
    THEN AND ONLY THEN... suddenly my account is flagged. Mhm, Riiggghtt...

Sorry Ekas, but that leads me to believe it was one of YOU.

Fuck you anon.
$15 (Form only) Posted 4 months ago
If y'all still want to put in $15 ideas, I'll post it here:
Just know, I don't have a way of reliably streaming my progress on them. >> Context <<

*Please be sure to click 'submit' at the end of the form so it goes though.
There is a public link IN the form for the MEGA folder where they are accessible 24/7:
Murphy's Law and Burn Out... and Doing it Anyway Posted 4 months ago
    I am burnt out as hell, I think that much is obvious from my last Blog. The few artists I am friends with all agree that I need to step away and take a break. Unfortunately, I can't do that for reasons bellow...


I set up my PC on a college budget back ~2013-2014. In technological years, it's a dinosaur. Half of this PC was bought with leftover Ramen Noodle nickels and dimes. Streaming was just a pipe dream back then, and Tobuscus was the king of YouTube. We've had a good run, but 'Ol Betsy is on her last legs as of last night. Motherboard decided to spaz out, and now my RAM slots are shot. After hours of tinkering, I was able to recover two RAM slots. I was also able to save a good chunk of data because I back things up...
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Joining VShojo Posted 4 months ago
I'm gonna try for it...

Right now, Vshojo is on a hunt for new Vtuber talent to add to their line-up of streamers and online personalities. I gave it some thought, and I think this could be the new something I've been searching for. Right now, I have their form filled out and ready to send: all I need to do is get my butt over to Twitch and start building an audience and community interaction. Idk how many of you watch Vtubers like Nyaners or Korone; but this is something I've decided I want to pursue.

    If you want to join me on this new chapter in my life, you can find me on: