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Moving away from Ekas and vore in general Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone, I’m just making this blog to clear some things up.
I've been wanting to step out of this community for a while now, and have made some attempts in the past that didn't really go anywhere. But now after some events and careful thinking, i'm ready to commit to it and leave the fetish behind. Focus on the people around me and all that.

I just wanted to make this blog to thank each and everyone of you for spending time with me. I did honestly really enjoy it. I'm sorry if we ever had a falling out, and i'm sorry for dropping this on you guys so sudden. I wish everyone of you the best.

Especially you Cal. Love you big stinky, take care of those poopy characters of mine and shape them up into something good. ❤ You and i want you to know i wouldn't...
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Whoohoo Birthday coming up Posted 1 year ago
I’m thinking about getting a birthday commission for myself because I’m lame. Anyone got any recommendations?
Trades or commissions Posted 1 year ago
Hey anyone interested in doing some trades or getting a commission from me?
Back from a long needed break Posted 2 years ago
Hey everyone ^^ I just needed to take a break from some stuff for a bit. I got help with a lot of my problems, and am in a better place right now. Overall I'm a lot happier though I'm a lot busier so won't be around as much as I used to or posting as much. Thank you everyone who Favorited my stuff while I was gone. Also thanks a ton to the people who poked me on discord.
Hand is better. Art maybe coming soon? Posted 3 years ago
Hand is all better. Just no motivation to draw anymore. Trying my hardest to work on some personal problems, but most of the time I feel like it's all for nothing. If you do want to see more art from me please let me know. Maybe that will get me motivated again. If not I'll be thinking about just moving on, and giving up on the whole art thing. There are plenty of other artists on here who are much more talented than me that do wonderful art. Thanks again though everyone. The support that I have gotten has helped a lot. Even if sometimes I feel like I'm just someone you can use than throw away like a piece of garbage. Hopefully I'll be able to fix that feeling.
Just a quick update Posted 3 years ago
I've been taking a break for a bit because of some personal things. Mainly my hand being hurt. It has gotten a lot better and hopefully I'll be able to draw again soon. I'll be checking my account maybe once a week. Feel free to pm me, or add me on my discord ^^ Thank you all for the support. I hope to improve myself and my art over the next year, and do appreciate all the support.
Nuke defused Posted 3 years ago
Well after talking with someone I have decided to not nuke my gallery. All my art will stay though I won't be adding anything new anytime soon. Mainly do to my messed up hand.

So if you really care thank this person  calvinj100 They single handedly save my gallery. Be sure to thank them.

Overall I still feel meh, but I'm sure I'll feel better in four days after my bday.
Not really feeling it Posted 3 years ago
Hey just to warn those who care I'll be nuking my gallery. So if you want anything be sure to save it. I'll probably be slowly removing things over the next week. On a side note my birthday is five days away so thats cool. Hope everyone is having a good one.
Quest for a new computer chair. Posted 3 years ago
So I've done my first commission, and enjoyed it. So I'll be taking four more of them. Full color single character for 25 usd. If anyone is interested just let me know. The funds will be for a new chair, and the left over will be used for gas. My current chair is broke just like me, and hurts my ass after many hours of doodling on the computer and gaming. So I would like to get a new one.

Again the picture would be something like this:
Just pm me, or contact me on Skype if you're interested.

Also thank you all for the support. It really means a lot to me, and I'm happy to say things are turning around for me. Hope everyone is enjoying the...
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Commission Stuff Posted 3 years ago
I was thinking of doing three commissions just for some amount of dollars each so I could have some gas money.

They would more than likely look something like this.

Just a simple character picture colored. Just pm me or message me if interested.