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Opening commissions Posted 3 years ago
Hey all. It’s been a while since I last uploaded something here, or in my gallery for that matter. I would like this to change! And to help I want to open commissions again, that I’ll probably be serious about finishing this time. You know, to help pay the bills and such. I still won’t be taking any payments until I know you guys are satisfied by the end of it, so if you have any ideas please don’t hesitate to PM me! I’m open to anything but mostly video games and original stuff is what I’m good for

Have a good night guys!
New Story(s) Posted 4 years ago
New story coming at ya soon folks, with potentially some prompts for other works in the future. Can’t promise anything more than 1 for the time being though. It’s based in Radiant Dawn!
Update (taking commissions maybe??) Posted 5 years ago
Hey all, long time no see. Turns out it's been exactly a year since my last update. I haven't been too active as a writer lately, so I think I could try to entertain the idea of taking a commission or two. Since I'm a lazy writer, I won't be accepting any up front payment whatsoever, as I honestly may end up losing drive and never finish the story. On a related note, I would also prefer to stick towards smaller word counts (the 2000 range is my focal point, typically) in the interest of both not burning myself out and being affordable. Anyway, yeah! I think that about does it. If anyone has a Fire Emblem idea they always wanted to see, maybe I could be of help!

Thanks for reading guys, have a great one! ...
[ Continued ... ]
I'm not dead/50k pageview poll! Posted 6 years ago
Hey all, just wanted you to know I'm not dead (yet)! Also, during my absence I noticed my profile reached 50k pageviews, so I really want to thank each and every one of you for helping me reach such a large milestone ^_^

I have a few ideas for another story, so I figure letting you choose from them would be appropriate! Thank you all again for your continued support :)
Important Question Posted 6 years ago
I have a very important FE related question for you all

It's err... For science!
Next story? Posted 6 years ago
Seeing how I'm practically on death's door thanks to the flu (or something), figured I could do something productive with this next week or so off of work/school. That's where you guys come in! So go ahead and vote on which character you'd like to see featured in a story, and I might just get around to actually making it!

Thanks, and have a good night everyone :D
Sumia Pred? Posted 6 years ago