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What they’re thinking? Posted 1 month ago
Hey guys, been a while.

Just curious, what do you think Fang and Kasumi are thinking about based on their current situations?
Favourite OC Posted 4 months ago
Hey guys, been a while. I hope everyone's been doing good.

I was just wondering which of my following gals is your favourite and why. (I know this a desperate need for a conversation, but I have been stuck in a house for a week cause of a community's need for outsiders to isolate) You have:





Short Story Posted 10 months ago
So, gonna try and write some short stories. Was thinking of doing them based on the one-shot images in my gallery. Which one would you think would be interesting to start with: - Mainly focusing on Gaia trapped in the snake's stomach. - Showing how Kasumi got eaten and how she may attempt to escape.

Let me know what you guys think.
Writing Vore Stories? Posted 1 year ago
Just curious, would anyone be interested in me writing vore stories involving my characters?

Looking for artists Posted 1 year ago
Hey, I'm just looking for some good artists to possibly commission.

Any know of a few good artists here that I should contact?
Heyo Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone,

How's everyone doing?

What'cha think of some of the stuff that I've presented so far? Which character would you like to see more of?
Newcomer Posted 1 year ago
Heyo, newcomer to the art of vore. On DA, I'm known as ZorzsLadies, but here, I will be posting some of my characters for rping with. Namely my jungle characters. If you want to know, don't hesitate to ask.