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Eka's Chat logs 1 Posted 9 years ago
Occasionally, when I log into the chat, and hang around a while, I end up getting depressed. I was told that a way to figure out how to overcome this is to take note of the causes so I can figure out how to solve the problems. I don't mean to sound whiny or 'emo', and I REALLY don't want to upset anyone, especially my friends.

Today, the problem seems to be a combination of lack of confidence and being ignored.

Sometimes when I log in, I talk to people, do scenes, and otherwise have an enjoyable time. Other times, I try to do these things, but no one seem to notice me at all. Because of that, I start to get depressed and mopey, but I don't want to bug people with that there. Now, the cause of that, at least in my opinion, seems to be one of two things:
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