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A question Posted 2 months ago
So, I'm awful at sticking to a schedule. I'll be posting a story tonight, for sure, but I wanted to ask people who read my stories.
Would it be more conducive for me to just post stories as I finish them, or should I stick to a schedule of 1-2 a week? I'm more than welcome to hearing other ideas.

Thanks kindly, and expect to see more of me in the near future.

Mildish Update Posted 3 months ago
Hey all, I'm so sorry for all the hiccups and false starts. I just moved back on campus and I'm super anxious!

But, I've been thinking a lot and I wanted to be honest about something important. When I was younger I began suffering gender dysphoria, but a bad home situation kept me from pursuing anything. Now that I'm free of that nonsense my dysphoria has returned with a vengeance. And I'm doing stuff about it.

You won't see much difference in the stories I post, but I figured I'd let people know I'm changing my pronouns. Instead of dancing around it and calling myself a femboy, I'm just going to be straight non-binary. Where I go from there, we'll see, but I felt it important to say.

Also, while I'm here: Trans rights!
The KB Vore Day Special is really late Posted 3 months ago
Alright, well, the pattern continues: when I tell people about plans or things real life interrupts and slaps me across the lips.

I've been substantially hindered by a multitude of things; against all common sense my university is reopening, and I've no choice but to go as Ill lose my scholarships otherwise. On top of that, my college town flooded last week and the campus is messed up. I've been trying to sort out my living arrangements given the water damage.

Enough of my sob story; that story, along with a multitude of commissions, are in the works. I always feel awful about putting things off, so, I'm really sorry about that. It's not professional in the slightest.

All the best,

The KB Vore Day Blog Post Posted 3 months ago
Hey all! Happy vore day, remember to properly sanitize your prey and make sure they wear a mask until safely snug in your gut!

Thanks to the people who submitted suggestions for vore day ideas. Here's the lowdown:

The thing that really got me thinking was a message from  9Kirby99. Essentially, here's what he asked:

"Back when you were just starting out, your OC Nyx was in almost every story you posted. Was there a reason that he hasn't been used in years?"

If I'm being frank, Nyx's absence has largely been due to me attempting to grow as a creator. I feel like he was a character that was pretty one note, and I never appropriately developed him into anywhere near interesting. But, that's not a suitably depraved explanation....
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I need YOUR HELP! Posted 3 months ago
Hey all!

Life's been nuts, hence the delay in stories, but it has been for a reason. Recently I broke 250,000 views, and I'm incredibly grateful for all of the support. This past year has been awesome for me, both as a writer of sfw and nsfw stories, and a great deal of that has been thanks to you lot.

So, I want to do something a bit special. Vore Day (and Post-Vore Day) are coming up, and I want to use that time to do something celebratory. However, I didn't do this on my own, and so I don't want to celebrate on my own.
I'm currently taking ideas for what to do over my vore-day celebration. I can't make any promises but I'm sure that you guys have some awesome ideas. I implore you to send some my way!

Thanks again, and expect a return to the...
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Sorry for a missed week! Posted 5 months ago
So sorry for missing a story this Saturday. I know most people don’t really mind but I try to adhere to a schedule and breaking it... isn’t ideal. I ended up going back to work irl and on top of commissions my attention span hasn’t... been all there.

So! I wanted to offer a near mid-summer event. I’ll be taking short requests for drabbles! Nothing too complex, only 500 words or so. Feel free to DM me with an idea. I’ll be using these as warm ups on days when I’m writing.

Please note that I may not take an idea if I don’t like it, but how’s the time to shoot your shot if you want an idea realized ^^.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing some lewd ideas.

UPDATE: Famished Froppy's Finale Posted 6 months ago
So, I had intended to post the sixth and final piece of the Famished Froppy series today, but real life events made that harder to achieve than intended. Today is a traumatic anniversary that I had not woken up intending to deal with. Nonetheless, I have not forgotten it! I promise that it will be posted at approximately 8:30 PM EST next Saturday. An appetizer of a story will also be posted on Wednesday.

I do apologize for the delay but it was necessary to preserve the quality of my work. I hope everyone else is still faring well.

Checking in + A Surprise Posted 6 months ago
Afternoon. I'm just checking in and letting everyone know I'm still holding out, I hope everyone else is as well. Still going slightly insane but that's expected. I wanted to let people know that I may close commissions for a bit to tackle personal projects, so expect some news regarding that before too long. I don't want to burn out or lose interest so I need to consider my own interests and health.

Sadness aside regarding that, I've decided that I'm going to have a surprise story to be made and realized when my account reaches 250K total views. I'm excited to drop that, and notification will be provided. That will take the place of a Friday story.

For the sake of clearing out my backlog of unposted work, I may begin posting a few stories on Wednesday or Friday...
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Losing Track of Days Posted 6 months ago
I know this can't just be me. I feel the need to apologize for yet another missed week. I forgot what day it was! Figured I would provide an excuse and let everyone know I'm still faring well.
I'll probably post two stories next week on Fri and Saturday to make up for it, if I remember.
No Story Yesterday Posted 7 months ago
Brief update because I'm neurotic.

Sorry for not posting a story yesterday, last week was finals week and I was still busy making up work. Next week will be back to business as usual.

If you're awaiting a commission from me, it will be coming this week, I promise! This upcoming week I'll be clearing out my queue.