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No Stories Tonight Posted 12 days ago
Hey all!

Just letting you know I won't be posting any stories tonight. There was a really severe storm that's left me without power for a good couple of days.

I'll double up next week!

Weird Idea: Story Streams Posted 1 month ago
Hey all! So, I had a little bit of a weird idea, and I figured I'd gauge the appeal here. As you all know I've been trying to build up a subscribestar. I'm thinking that if I break my next goal there (which is $200/month)... I know that's a lot but... optimism is a good thing.

Anyways, I was kind of thinking that once I reached that point (however long that takes, lmao), I'd be able to do a once-a-month request stream. Sometime during the weekend or something, set aside a few hours to take requests and ideas.

Would that be something that any of you would be interested/supportive of? Wouldn't want to do it if it'd be a two-person audience, you know? I know it's not a visual art stream, so the appeal isn't as much.

Thanks in advance for your feedback...
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New Living Situation Posted 1 month ago
Good News!

I think that I found an apartment where I want to be! Rent's a bit high but what isn't these days, haha. Anyways, I'm filing out the leasing agreement today and we'll be able to move at the first of June.

until then, though, I'm going to be grinding my butt off with stories and commissions. If you'd like to support me, consider reaching out and picking up a story. I'd love to talk with you all. There's also my subscribestar, all of which you can find in my bio. Just things I'd like to reiterate in case you really like my stories and want to support me. Even $5 is a big deal to me :).

Thanks for viewing this little marketing post, it means the world to me.

New Way to Support Me! Posted 2 months ago
Hey all! Things are finally settling down for me, and now that I can breathe it's back to work.
The great news is, my Subscribestar was finally approved! I considered Patreon, but SS has a straight up version for adult content creators that should defend me from a wild banhammer. Anyways, if you'd like to throw a few bucks my way to support me, or even more than that, there are perks including a new Discord Server. Anyways... here's the link!

You will get to see stories much earlier there than when they're publicly posted!

Thanks for all of your kindness and support now and in the past, it really does mean a lot to me.
Situation and Question Posted 2 months ago
Hi all,

I’m currently dealing with a serious real-world situation that I’m coping with, but it’s difficult. However, it may result in a change in my living situation. I’ll likely be moving into an apartment that will require more income than I’m currently making.

I guess I wanted to ask if a Patreon would be something any of you would be interested in supporting as a way to provide supplementary income. With permission from clients, I’d be happy to upload almost all if not all stories I do when they’re completed rather than a couple at a time as I currently do.

Thanks for the advice in advance, and I’ll keep you in touch of what’s going on.

Missed Schedule Posted 5 months ago
I need to separate myself from the schedule I've tried to have! Saturday nights have proved surprisingly busy for me, and for some reason I've been anxious to post at any other time. Inadvertently keeping y'all from seeing my work.

Anyways, expect stories more throughout the week and more often; my backlog has only widened with the two stories a week thing, so I'm aiming to change that

Appreciate all of your continued support :).

KB's 5 Favorite Stories of 2021! Posted 5 months ago
Heyhey! Sorry if the title was misleading; this is my favorites that I've written. All of which were commmissioned, but many of which were from my own ideas (which many of you lot are so gracious to support). I think it's good, though, to reflect. And direct some of you towards ones you may have missed.

Though, let me say very clearly I LOVE every story I've done this year. So don't take this as "the comms that were good." These were the comms where I feel that as a writer I really swung for the fences and pulled things off.

These are in no particular order:

1. Sloane's Donation Incentive: Commissioned by SpectaSG, this story was one of the first public pieces I released with my OC Sloane. It contains Unbirth, implied impermanent digestion,...
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Forgive the Silence Posted 7 months ago
hey all!
Apologies for the lack of posts these past few weeks; I've been fine, just incredibly busy and forgetful. The end of the semesters always get me fried. Tonight I'll be uploading three stories to try and make up for that!

Comms are still open, though my prices will be increasing to $18/1K words. This is simply to keep up with inflation, and to make sure that my time is being properly compensated.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Quick Update Posted 10 months ago
If you told my younger self I would be CLAMORING for summer to be over, I'd call you a liar. But here we are in this odd timeline.

Tomorrow I'll be returning to my actual home on campus, and getting settled back into the place where my workflow is at its most intense. Apologies for the lack of updates last week: I took much of this past week off to recover from two months of nothing but 10-hr workdays, 7 days a week.

Anticipate getting hit with four or five new stories tomorrow!
Vore Day Raffle! Posted 11 months ago
Hey all! I'm deciding to make a raffle for Vore Day this year. The google form to register is right here:

Just fill this out, and the registration will be open until July 20th.

Good luck to all!