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Commissions Posted 2 months ago
Hey, updated my commission sheet, now offering sketch comms!
Comms Open for the holidays Posted 9 months ago
Heya, now that college is starting to wind down I feel more comfortable taking commissions for the holidays, with my extra time I figure I can do a few of these! Linked is my comm sheet with updated pricing!
Haydee Posted 1 year ago
ouuuaaaaghhhh help me I have had no thoughts but of fat haydees in a big ass facility eating each other with their Triple Deluxe XXL Caked Up Cheeks aaaaghhh
Commission Prices Posted 1 year ago
Heya, what with college getting into swing my commission prices have gone up a little bit. This won't affect any ones currently in the works but any newer ones will have a bit of a price hike. Info can be found here!
Commissions Open Again! Posted 1 year ago
Hey my comms are open AGAIN! If you want one contact me through twitter @kingceeeee or discord at KingC#4756!
Comms are open! Posted 1 year ago
I'm doing a few comms for now. For more info check