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Commissions closed! Posted 5 years ago
I received far more commission requests than anticipated, so unfortunately a lot of people are going to be left without one. I've selected the four I'll be taking and contacted the people involved. Thank you to everyone who sent proposals!
The ones chosen were those I found most interesting, while also trying to have as much variety as possible. I'm aware that this system of choosing favorites can be somewhat frustrating and impractical for people, but doing them on a 'first come, first served' basis is far more unappealing to me and I can't think of any better ways to do it. Please don't take it personally if I didn't choose yours; I'll hold on to sent proposals in case you'd like to resend them in the next batch.

Regarding how the whole thing was handled, I should've...
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Opening for the 1st batch of commissions! Posted 5 years ago
Will have four open slots, check commissions page for details and prices. Sorry again for the wait!

I'm not too sure how many people will want one, but will try to keep open for at least a day to give people a chance to send a comm proposal.
Upcoming commissions Posted 5 years ago
I was supposed to be opening for commissions during the past week (as some people might've heard), but there's been a few snags along the way. With any luck I'll be good to go within a day (or two, barring anymore interruptions). Sorry for the wait!
Concerning commissions Posted 6 years ago
I'm finally getting into doing commissions. I won't be open to the public for a while yet, however. The first batch is/was done for friends to help me smooth out the process and ease into it. I'm not planning on doing commissions often and the batch sizes will be kept small (2 at a time), so I'll still be working on my own projects for the majority of the time.

I will make a new post with prices whenever I'll open up commissions for public.
Back to Pokémon Posted 7 years ago
That damned comic's done and it's time to move on to different things, mainly Pokemon. I've a bunch of different pics in the works (e.g. one featuring Erika and a fourth part to the Juniper "series") and after those it'll be time for the Johto gym leaders. It'll be the shortest region but I'm gonna try and make it the best one yet! : ^)

In other news I started my last year in university and am aiming to get my bachelor's degree before next summer, so school will continue to slow me down for a while longer. You should be used to my slow art schedule by now though ;p
Rambling summer update Posted 7 years ago
Time to dust off the ol' blog once again!

2016 has been a pretty busy year for me, with school draining a lot of my time (as usual) and I haven't had as much time and energy for drawing as I'd liked. The school term is now over, but I managed to get a job for the duration of summer and that'll continue to eat away at my free time (though not quite as a badly). Having employment is a huge boon to be honest, because I need it both for the money and for my studies!
Before I managed land the job I was getting a bit worried about my finances for the summer months, and was heavily contemplating opening commissions (partly due to encouragement from my friends, thanks for the support guys! :) ),...
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Lazybones Posted 8 years ago
Hey, someone might have noticed that I haven't uploaded anything in about five months. It's because I was really tired and lethargic for all of summer and barely drew anything, spending my time with friends instead. :silly:
I've been getting back into the swing of things lately, working on a short teacher vore comic currently. Expect it to be uploaded within the week (might be today if I manage it). It's about 95% done so it should be soon anyway. After that's done, I'll work on some miscellaneous pictures for a while and then eventually get started with the next region...

Cheers, and sorry for the inactivity!...
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April Update - Alternate Cutaways Posted 8 years ago
Heya, just a small update! I took a moment to modify some of my recent cutaway pics and made new alternative versions that don't have any hints of digestion, for those who prefer endo, nonfatal, UB or whatever else. I'm not uploading them to my gallery (in order to avoid clutter), so pick them up here if you want them.

In other news school has been draining a lot of my time and energy lately, hence the slow upload schedule, but I'll try to get stuff done for you guys soon! :)
February Update - busy busy Posted 9 years ago
Heya! Just wanted to give a small update on what I've been working on recently.

The next planned upload has the working title of "King's Cross" and features Luna Lovegood and a "disappeared" Harry. Going to need another week to finish it however.
I've also been sketching a lot of pokemon vore and finally getting started with Kanto gym leaders (first up is Misty). Serena's also getting screen time thanks to 'glorp' who reminded me about the old Serena/Rosa sketch I'd forgotten about. I'm reworking and expanding it quite a bit, so it's going to take a looong time. The sequel for "Overwhelmed" is also coming around to show the aftermath of Hilda's encounter with Team Plasma, but the sketch is far too rough to show at this point. It'll probably...
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January update - Future Sight Posted 9 years ago
Now that I finally finished the last of the summer wine requests, I plan to work on my personal projects for the foreseeable future. Probably until the summer at the very least, spring oughta be busy for me due to school shenanigans. Sorry to everyone who's waiting for me to open requests up again, I need more time off.

So what's coming next? I'm not sure myself, but here's some possibilities:

* More Pokemon vore is pretty much guaranteed. I'll continue drawing the gym leaders (and elite four members) in my quest to draw them all. Kanto won the poll I set up last July (thanks to everyone who voted!), so expect to see Misty, Erika, Janine, Sabrina and Lorelei in the coming months. There'll be other pokemon-related vore as well, but those...
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