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I have gotten nostalgia! Posted 13 years ago
Isn't nostalgia great, when you get nostalgic about times that you can relive?

It's been a while since I've been here. A very long time, it seems. Listening to some of the music that I listened to way back when, that always helps bring me back. There was a time when this place just was so interesting... I hope that it recaputres me again, inspires me. This is one of the places I used to look at artwork (albeit never as much as I wanted to), and looking at that gets me motivated to start practicing myself. I know I've said it several times, but for some reason, as much as I wish to be productive, it's hard to bring myself to it.

But maybe, just maybe, I'll become more involved here again. Start RPing again and make some beautiful artwork. Stuff that brings me, and...
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I have bought my first electronic music album! Posted 15 years ago
January of 2009, I have bought my first electronic music album. I think this is a big thing.

I went to Circuit City one night to see if there was any thing – mainly music – with a good discount. I bought my first Pearl Jam album, but as I was looking through the shelves, it was like whoa, hey, what is this.... It was a Tiesto album; I didn't even know that Circuit City carried any of that genre, thought it was in the rock section. They had a couple In Search of Sunrise albums, and I've listened to Los Angeles on Pandora radio, so I bought that one.

Back up to 2006, fall specifically. That was a time that I have a lot of memories of, and would re-live that time if I could. It was a bit of a changing point in my life. I was feeling emotionally like I had...
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I think people are looking at my blog! Posted 15 years ago
Put your shit away. I'm not going on until you put all your shit away! Don't tell me you've cleaned up; I can still see it.

Ok, that's better. I think people are looking at my blog. It's kind of weird because I hardly ever post in it and I think by the time I submit this, everyone will have moved on.

In semi-related news, I am thinking of making a new Flash game. In fact I've already begun. I think it should be great if I make it great, like I intend to. I haven't made a game for 2 years now, since Erov. It's gonna be called Billarpillar.

And here is the star of Billarpillar, Biiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllll Cossssbyyyyyyyyyy!
I have gotten my first portable computer! Posted 15 years ago
It's an Acer Aspier One netbook. I bought it so I would have a typewriter when I'm at school and everyone else is typing away, now I can join them. It boasts a screaming 1.8ghz Intel Atom CPU, a whole gigabit (!) of RAM, and a whopping 1024x600 driven by an onboard Intel card. The 3 cell battery powers it through an entire two hours of strenuous note taking and the occasional Web surf. All that at a mere $350.

Oh and what pissed me off was, I thought it was going to be smooth blue, but it's ugly white instead. Oh but it's such a tiny little sucker! That's why I bought it.

When I first fired it up, it had Windows on it, with a ton of bloatware. After about 10 to 15 minutes of letting it percolate with all that OEM bullshit, I reformatted the bastard and...
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I have gotten my first iPod! Posted 15 years ago
You know, I've never been one for listening to music on the go. Usually when I listen to music, I like to sit back at home and relax and enjoy it. When I first saw MP3 players get popular (namely the iPod), I thought it was just a fad. I never got anything of the sort because I wouldn't use it, and if I did get one, I would never want an iPod because I wouldn't want to use iTunes. Not only does Windows Media Player do the job just fine, but I would want to be able to put music on it from any computer, not just one with iTunes installed.

Well, the last couple weeks I've been thinking of getting a portable music player, thinking I'd use it when I go on bike rides, and to have just to see if I do indeed like music on the go. I thought I'd go with a cheap one, as I sell them...
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I have gotten the first D I have ever gotten! Posted 15 years ago
This summer I took my first summer classes. A trig class, which I need so I can get into calculus, which isn't required for my associate's degree but is required for the upper division computer sciences classes at the U of O. I don't know if I'll go that far yet but I'm keeping my options open.

So I took this trig class in the summer because this year I'll be busy with discreet math classes (whatever the hell discreet math is; I guess I'll be finding out). And I got a D for dumbass. I've never gotten a D or an F in any class, ever. Not in middle school or highschool or so far in college. Until now.

This is it:
I have allowed everyone to show me how much they love me! Posted 15 years ago
Well, here it is, after so many long years of waiting...
You can now give me money!
That's right, you can just give me money, and it's easy to do! I've got it all set up with PayPal. But don't take my word for it; try it for yourself!

I expect to have one of these shortly:
I have been banned from SPUF again! Posted 16 years ago
SPUF stands for Steam Powered Users Forums. Back in 2004 I joined and posted daily in the Off Topic section. Back then, we had a lot of fun, which the mods tried to squelch. You see, being the forum of Valve, they had to keep it rather professional and kosher. I became known at first for making wacky, funny threads and posts, under the name SlaughterDog. But then, users and the mods grew tired of me, as I made some threads that were just too out-there to be considered on topic enough for on topic, and pushed the limits of their rules. Well I eventually posted one too many threads and got permabanned in 2005.

I came back under the name Pen-B. I became a regular poster again, and a while later, even years later, I still got people finding out that I was SD and they'd have...
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I have installed Firefox! Posted 16 years ago
Yeah you know my life is boring when this is a blogworthy event. But hell, Firefox has been out for 4 years and I never once installed it for Windows. On Windows I always just used IE because it came installed and I saw nothing wrong with it. Well a month or two I installed Safari because I got fed up with IE's slowness (and Safari is faster than Firefox). I liked Safari but quit using it because of the way it didn't do little things such as VB3 popup menus for example. Some pages simply refused to work, citing I needed to switch to a supported browser (I had a page that did that when I used IE, too, though; the owner hated Microsoft). I've used Firefox when I used Ubuntu, again simply because it came with it.

Well anyway, the point is, I'm using it as my main browser...
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I have let my exposure here sink in! Posted 16 years ago
First of all, my mood isn't "shocked" as I listed in the mood above, but rather sad and/or disappointed. Nostalgic actually. But not "very sad", so shocked comes closest.

Well as I said recently, I've been here for over a year. When I found this place, found vore online, it seemed so surreal, almost too good to be true. It was a time of lots of other change in my life too but I won't go into that. Months later, I posted in places on the forum that it still felt like that.

Well I'm afraid to say this place feels rather void to me now, just another part of my daily routine. I used to come here and view some of the new stuff on the forum, the new posts, but not view the more vorish stuff for fear of my parents catching me. Well now I have the same routine of...
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