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Get Down with the Sickness Posted 6 months ago

I'm not doing great, it seems like a mild form of flu has hit our house so I'm not in the most - hehe - productive mindsets.  So I'm going to be sparse on the uploads this week other than stuff I've already done and focus on getting commissions worked on.

If you want to contact me, especially about commission stuff, the best way at the moment is via Discord (LittleRover#1151) or Telegram (@LittleRover).  I'm hoping I can finally have a more structured approach to the art I'm doing.  Feel free to message me about commissions I'm quite eager to please.

Also I have a work-in-progress Trello for my Commissions and stuff.

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Internet Down and Spyro Themed Question Posted 11 months ago
Commissions? https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31033947/
Hooray for internet troubles! Hoping to upload another Cynder picture later but don't have the bandwidth yet.

Soooo how about a question? What is your Spyro themed fantasy? It doesn't have to include any of the main characters, just be set in the world.

It could be being hoarded by a dragon, serving in one of the worlds Spyro visits, 'collecting' as many dragon eggs as you could find, or just innocently collecting treasure that some purple dragon may be after.

I'll be about until I can upload - or it gets too late and I fall victim to sleep!

Eka’s Portal: ...
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Quick Before it's too Late! Posted 1 year ago

Finally got to play Spyro Reignited and wow I had forgotten how awesome it is to play and how awesome that world is for Vore!

Choose as many options as you want! Plus if you have some interesting combo or idea feel free to add them in the comments! I'll be doing quicker sketches of these ideas! =3
A Cheeky Shy Update Posted 1 year ago
Hey hey!

Firstly, sorry for mostly disappearing. It had become one of those situations where I hadn't said anything for so long it was becoming awkward to reopen the conversation when really it shouldn't be a big deal. But sorry for being lame about it.

I knew November was going to be a busy/distracted month but hadn’t expected it to absorb quite so much of my attention. My boyfriend,  Frazone is over to visit and the process of getting him from the USA to the UK whilst technically quite simple was one of the more stressful episodes of the year for me (I worry too much perhaps, like a helicopter parent but with my boyfriend).

Since then I’ve done a few bits here and there of drawing, but mostly been taking a break and discovering just how...
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Press F to pay respects Posted 1 year ago
Apparently I write the letter f weird. Look below and tell me which of the two look right to you.


Fixed it on my most recent Random Encounters comic page (available on all good vore sites now... mostly) to be more... American? Like the one on the right What do you guys think I should use? The one I was literally raised using? Or this other one?
Spooktober Posted 1 year ago

In case you haven't seen it yet, there is a FREE raffle/YCH event I'm doing. You can read more about it at https://aryion.com/g4/view/484818

You can submit a character with the appropriate details anytime this month, but I'll only be drawing things up to the end of October. So naturally the earlier you submit the better your chances of getting picked. Everyone who has submitted, keep an eye out for a message coming from me any time this month.

Take care everyone and stay frisky! =3
I went to spain and came back Posted 1 year ago

I didn't mention it but I went to Barcelona for work related purposes and came back on Sunday night after a nearly 3 hour delay with the flight. Managed to get home in the early hours of this morning and have been recovering since. I was going to upload stuff yesterday but sharing a tiny apartment with four girls makes it tricky to draw stuff so tomorrow is the date I'll be uploading a non-lewd image. Your concept of tomorrow may vary.

I'm going to be busy these next few weeks getting my life on track. If you are my friend on Steam and/or Discord feel free to chat but I probably won't be roleplaying much for a while. It just takes too much time that I don't have or would rather be playing Stellaris and doing little bits and bobs to chill.

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I have returned and things are happening! Posted 1 year ago
Hi all!

I'm back from Oregon and had an absolutely fantastic time. I got to meet my master in person and we really hit it off well. It's looking more and more likely the USA will be my home in the next few years (the earlier the better!). So for now, I'm excited about drawing projects that my new enhanced time management should help make happen!

Random Encounters
I've got an episode of RE I'll be uploading later today, and I plan to upload a page every fortnight on Friday until I have finished the story arc (if anyone knows how to set regular uploads and that will mark the end of the "Prologue" which was based entirely on randomly generated events. The general idea will stay the same, the characters and environments will be random...
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Going to Furlandia! Posted 1 year ago
Hi everyone!

I am headed all the way from the UK to Portland, Oregon, USA to go to Furlandia! I'm over to meet my master, Frazone (because apparently I can't link people?) in person for the first time who is also there, and we are planning on traveling for a total of 2 weeks. Then I've got other stuff after that too. My account has been rather dry lately, stuff has been happening and it's been hectic, so this holiday (vacation if you're American) is long overdue. It also means there might or might not be stuff uploaded in that time, and what gets uploaded may be of all sorts of weird stuff that takes my fancy. Pretty much all weird vore though, as per usual. =3

I have a plane ride in just 9 hours so I probably won't see anything for that long. But if you...
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Pause on accepting Requests and Trades Posted 2 years ago
Hi all who are interested.

I am not going to be accepting any more requests or trades for the time being. I have plenty to be getting on with at the moment and will be busy until after Christmas. Feel free to talk about possible trades for the new year though! ^-^