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About the videos Posted 2 months ago
To resolve the issue regarding those who cannot see my animations, due to flash player; I added under each of my videos (except one, sorry) a link that will allow you to see them on my Twitter account.

-If there are problems, I will try to solve them
Commission (November) Posted 3 months ago
Good, let's start again with the commissions of this month before to do christsmas's stuff.
I hope all you know the rule and the prices:https://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commission.php?id=MD002

-Remenber to send me a PM.

-ABrinson27 (SFM 60 sec)--done
-Anon (SFM 60 sec)
-CaptainElusive (Comic with color)
-Tabris (SFM 30 sec)
-Drillkiller (SFM sequence)

(one last thing please, don't ask long stuff because i have a lot of things to do)
Here we go again Posted 7 months ago

(Maybe open for november)
Commissions closed (see ya) Posted 1 year ago
-ShiftingRaptor ( long sfm video: Done)
-Mobius (sfm video 60sec: Done)
-gizzmo (Lineart+color:Done)
-game314 (sfm video 60sec: Done)
-gizzmo (Lineart+color+shadow: Done)
-Feyro (sfm video 30 sec: Done)
SFM and non-vore stuff Posted 1 year ago
Hello little boys and big girls, i am afraid to give you a bad new:
I'll have to remove the non-vore stuff in the "SFM stuff" folder.I can't put all work for reasons that are difficult to explain; but all with vore can remain.
So I give you some time to download and save the stuff you like; because by tomorrow they will not be there..

But there is good news: you can find them on my twitter account(https://twitter.com/MD0024) and in the future I will prepare a link on "mega.nz" where you can find all my works
Another home Posted 1 year ago
Today tumblr may have removed many of my works.
As an alternative (in addition to Deviantart and Eka) I opened a blog on Twitter.

You can also find me here:https://twitter.com/MD0024
Commissions open...and now close Posted 1 year ago
See you again for more commissions for January

Slot: (3/4)
-Lululuigi (Done)
-Feyro (Done)
Commissions for tomorrow. Posted 1 year ago
Tomorrow i will open commissions.
I will accept only 4. So of you are interested, prepare your ideas.

Little note: i wouldn't do SFM video because it takes too much time. But i can do gif
About policy change Posted 1 year ago
This morning, I saw the message about the policy regarding the "underage content".

So, to avoid creating discussions and controversies, I wanted to specify that all (I say all) the characters I drawed and animated with SFM are +18.

Thanks for your attention
Commission close Posted 1 year ago
Now I close the commissions for some time.
In the sense: I will not accept others, but I will finish the last three.
The reason? The university has just started and I would like to find time to do some of my work.

The commissions will return by the end of November.
That's all. have a good day.