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apparently this needs be said Posted 3 days ago
I think it's a little silly that this is something that apparently needs be addressed publicly, but seeing as how it has come up from several different sources in my DMs recently, I figured I really ought to just make an official public stance on the matter: I don't draw nor consume loli/shota/underage content. In the past, I did, but I don't any longer and haven't been interested in that sort of thing for some time now. None of my characters or NSFW/kink/fetish art contains any minors/loli/etc.

I'm sure knowledge that I liked that content will be repulsive and disappointing to many, but it isn't something I'm really trying to hide or brush under the mat. I have, however, moved on from that past.

Thanks for understanding.
Patron Request Stream Posted 1 year ago
come hang out.
SubscribeStar Raffle Posted 1 year ago
Okay so remember that SubscribeStar thing that was super cool and awesome? Ya Resident Bean did not realise that any money earned there will not be given to you until you have both 5 people subscribed to you and also made $150 available to cash-out.

SO in light of this, I'm hosting a SubscribeStar Only Raffle! Subscribe to my SubscribeStar! Once I make $150 there, I will host a raffle for all current subscribers (this is strictly ONLY for those subscribed on SubscribeStar).

Your prize will be a two-character shaded image. Super cool!
Re-branding Posted 1 year ago
Hey-yo! Just wanted to let y'all know that I've rebranded. Omaewamoshindeiru was a bit long and kind of getting tiresome. :P New username is Mamerui! it means beans.
2020 Commission Stuff & Poll Posted 1 year ago
Hey all. I've been getting more and more comfortable streaming and have been wanting to re-do my current commission model, as it is not sustainable nor is it really working out to give consumers the best, fast service. Commissions are no longer my priority, so I don't want to continue my current commission model. As it stands, I still have quite a long queue that I still need to chew through.

After this current batch of commissions is over, I am going to only take payment as I'm starting the commission, not as soon as you reserve a slot. Why? This is so you can have an easier chance to cancel or change your mind if the wait is too long and you find someone who can do your idea sooner/better! I've edited my commission info on my page to reflect this.

In addition...
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Patreon Update! (Request Streams!) Posted 2 years ago
We've recently reached $300 monthly over on Patreon! Very exciting. With this milestone comes another new perk for patrons and that is:

Request Streams! starting September 20th, 2019 and recurring on the third Friday of every month.

That's right! All $5+ pledged patrons will be able to come to these streams for their shot at a "request" (put in parenthesis because, well... they ARE paying monthly so it isn't exactly free haha. ^^; )

You can read more about this perk on my patreon post Here!

There's no time-limit for pledging to be eligible for this perk...
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one MILLION views Posted 2 years ago
I'm so bad at tracking milestones but thank you all for one million views! Thanks to the folks who liked stuff enough to fave it and thanks for everyone who has watched me and shown interest in my art! It means so much and makes me feel so happy to know that people enjoy looking at the stuff I make!

I wanna do something to celebrate but am not sure what! (though I did miss one million by a hundred thousand. ><)
Some new perks for patrons Posted 2 years ago
I never really made a big post advertising these new Patreon changes I've made since the start of the year, and since I just added more, I thought I'd post!

For starters, we added a sort of art mentoring program for $5+ patrons where I'm willing to (to the best of my ability) help out a new artist by critiquing artwork, red-lining, and giving extensive feedback, even publicly or privately streaming any corrections with voice if wanted.

We also added a sketch queue for $10 patrons. They are in a line based on when they pledge. Once we have 6 $10 patrons, I will pick two every month to receive single-character sketches (like this) of a character of their choosing (be it OC or a canon character)....
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Special 1k Watcher Requests! Posted 2 years ago
I can't promise how many I'll be able to get to, but drop any requests you have (with character references included) and I'll try to do a few within the next couple of months! Mind you, these will most likely just be sketches unless I REALLY like an idea. And there's no guarantee that I'll get to yours; I'm not doing them in any sort of order. Just doing ones that stand out/interest me! Keep that in mind :P

This is to celebrate 1k watchers (passed a little while ago, I missed it! at 1056 as of this post) Please make sure your requests are in-line with my commission guidelines, or they won't be considered! Anything "might do" and up is free game!
New Discord Link! Posted 3 years ago
I goofed and deleted the channel the discord invite link landed in. So here is the official NEW discord link (same discord, just a new link)!

Please consider joining! It's the easiest way to get into contact with me. There's channels for gaming, memes, spoilers, and (of course) art! There's roles for writers and artists, and for celebrating your birthday (if that's something you're interested in)! We'd love to have you hang out and look at junk with us.