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Some price reductions for the spooky scary month. Posted 2 weeks ago
Hello people!

Since this is the spooky scary month, I kind of want to make this special.

So, I decided to apply to offer some reductions to the prices.

Here is how it works :

- The initial 20$ payment still applies;

- But the additional payment that comes after, the one to compensate for the additional words, will be reduced by 25%;

- As long as you ordered a story during October, I will still apply it even if I only start working on your story during November.

Thank you a lot for your attention, and have a great one folks.

Also a big thank for all the watches, comments and favs you all gave me.

Even if I am not the one making the pictures, it is still great. ^^
Shady user is shady Posted 3 weeks ago
So, I have been contacted by this person on deviantart called Feste-Fenris.

Look, I usually try to leave the person's identity out of this, but you have the right to know in this case.

I don't know anything about them other than the fact that they insisted to RP with me and asked me to vote conservative for no reason.
And when I asked what they were talking about, they ignored my question and insisted I should vote conservative. Then they straight up ignored my questions.

Then they wanted to talk about charity. Which, from a random person on DA, was a NO for me.

Look, all I am trying to say is that this person is weird and you should probably not even respond to them if they contact you.
If you want more details and have...
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Something I need to talk about... really. Posted 1 month ago
For context, it is related to a conversation I just had recently on, but I'd like to ask it here too.

I know the subject might be unimportant, but it hightlights a sentimment I have never encountered before, and I would like to know what you think about it.

So, I recently had a bit of an issue with someone. I won't mention who, this isn't me trying to settle a score or anything, I would just like to discuss about what they said, because it is getting a bit on my nerves.

I don't expect them to ever read this, but if they do, good on them.

So what happened is I recently asked someone if I could borrow their oc, and they answered me with very nice and colourful things such as :

- That I was "a weirdo",...
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Some pricing changes Posted 3 months ago
So, you may or may not be aware of that. But assuming you aren't, I decided to do story commissions to help with my own commissions.

But for several reasons, I decided to change my prices in a few ways.

Since I don't want to leave people in the dark about what actually changed. I wrote some explanations down there.

I'd also like to mention that anyone who has ordered a story before this change will have the choice to use the old prices instead if they want.

If you aren't interested in reading the entire text, you can find the new prices right down below.

Alright, so, regarding the previous schemes :

Previously, I asked 20$ for 2500 words, then 1$ for every hundred words added after it. Obviously, this was...
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Something I wanted to ask you. Posted 8 months ago
Among all of the pictures/sequences I have here, which one(s) do you prefer the most?
Out of curiosity.
Story commissions open + some big changes Posted 10 months ago
Hello everyone,

As the title says I decided to re-open for commissions. This time is going to be a lot different though.

As some of you may remember, I didn't want to charge people for my stories before because I didn't have a any way of getting paid nor was I too confident about my English skills.

However, I recently got the opportunity to improve my English and also created a Paypal account, so I finally decided to start to charge for them.

As a test, I am opening two slots for now. If you're interested in ordering a story and supporting me, check out my commission status here :

The examples are not present yet because I am rewriting them for the occasion. ...
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