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Happy killing Posted 1 year ago
fetishes and/or kinks are like flowers. You need to water the so that they can grow, or. Ew. That sounds rather gross.
But to the point. I stepped out of the bed rather late this day. being out all night doing some heavy partying yesterday. And suddenly, because of a dream, one of my old kinks was brought to life yet again. And now i'm very curious to see if some one else has it or know some content with it. It would make me really happy because I have yet so little information on this.

The thing is that I got this being killed kink. But not actually killed. The idea of being inpaled with swords and things like this but instead of feeling pain feeling pleasure from it. Think about a girl getting a huge sword through her stomach but instead of bleeding all over the place...
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Vore vacation Posted 1 year ago
So many fun things in life, and so little time to do them all. To fill up my insperation pot and don't get myself full on a project *Yes, that was intendeed* I must at some point take a break from one stuff to another.

I have been away from my non vore comic project now and is going to go back on that soon yet again. So i'm going to do commissions and are working on a short vore comic commission. But besides that i'm going to yet again take a break from doing vore. Don't know for how long tho, it all depends on my insperational flow.

So at the moment I will spend all my day watching animes for the sake of art, to learn shadings, coloring and all that sweet stuff.
And my BF is planing on doing some space role play with me, all vore and hentai related. He is...
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Guilty pleasure Posted 1 year ago
So, I have recently discovered I got some new kinky thingy going on. Or, it isn't fully sexual neither. Just something I find like...Idk, 40% sexy and 60% a pleasure in other senses. I love the idea of grossed out preys, female and males. But there is just something so deeply satisfying with this idea. This will surely be an idea for a comic in the future.

I really LOVE the idea of a man, being grossed out by male preds being eaten. I just see this scenario where a huge guy storming in, eating him, salivating all over him. Seeing him in dispair and disgust as he went in. Screaming, all covered in fluids and other gross stuff. But all in all, same goes for people who dosen't like vore, or people who just getting disgusted by fluids. Disgust in prey is just so lovely.
Make a wish! Posted 1 year ago
Yes. I feel like a kind android and will grand one person one art wish. But only one person. You can also make more then one wish, but keep in mind. I will only do one pic.

The rules are simple...
Give me some time on the project...
Respect my preferences. As usual (No hard vore, no fem preds, no underaged stuff, no futas and no preggy stuff) Tho I can do graphic digestion....and...
I'm open for very sexual stuff also. Tho i'm rarely in the mood for it. But it can happen. It totally can.

This will be open for about 48 hours.
Art trades! Posted 1 year ago
So, once more, i'm looking for some art trades and i'm looking for an artist who will do some justice for my robo boyz. I'm open for many things with some few exceptions:

Female preds (When they are eating)
Preg stuff

And some more rules:

We haven't done trades before
Dead lines are a bliss
We are somewhat on the same level when it comes to art experience.

So don't feel shy. I won't bite :3 And if you feel unsure about something just contact me.
Alternative vore? Posted 1 year ago
Oh man, I just love to sleep. Much because I got so many vore dreams. Some nights ago I was having a rather interesting vore dream, the concept of "thing's that can't eat you but now they will"

The dream was about me flying a spaceship with an AI. The spaceship and I did not get along very well, most because different opinions on how things would be operated. So it ended with him telling me that if I am going to be all pain in the ass, I might as well be fuel. And after that things started to get...well, very interesting. Tentacle/snake like things was coming out from the walls and he somehow managed to devour me.

I have decided that this will definitely be the theme of my next vore pic. Spaceship/AI vore! I bet you haven't seen that one before. I have a...
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Ironi Posted 1 year ago
Oh the ironi. The huge ironi.

I'm a rather...what could I say "periodic person" and that means I got so many interests and hobbies and it's hard for me doing more then one project at a time.
The Slugger pic I did just gave me a huge amount of insperation for a comic. It will have some vore elements in there but it will not be the main focus of it. And this means that maybe I will be away from here for a while now until the top of this insperational spree went away. Ahh, ADD, what a wonderful thing.

But do not fear. I will be back. Oh yes. But for now I can be a little slow on posting things. And 1000 favs! Thank you all so very, very much! \/
The story of a vore story Posted 1 year ago
Something I wanted to do for some time now is to write stories. However, there is one small thing that prevents me, the English language. The same goes for role play. I Have a dream of role playing my characters and eat everything that comes in one's way, but to the subject...

Sometimes I wonder if one should not ignore any misspellings and actually just start. You gotta start somewhere? And errors = learning in progress. I guess the feeling of restricition is the thing that bothers me the most. with the Swedish language i'm much better in expressing myself and somewhat that dosen't shine through in the English..Hmmm...

But! I LOVE writing vore stories. Oh god. I have a BUNCH of them, all written in Swedish and all just laying around on the hard drive. None of...
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Artzy fartzy Posted 1 year ago
My inspiration is a bit low for the moment, but I managed to start on the multy prey OC project and this is the raw sketch (It will change in the process) but now I kind of know how the outcome will be *Yey!* and i'm also open for more OCs to join the party so. You know what to do. Hit me up. Don't let this pred go on hungry :gulp:
I want your OC! (Again. Muhahah) Posted 1 year ago
So, I got this idea. One OC that I haven't done to many times is Slugger. He is a cat-robo space pirate and he has a side kick who is a cat cyborg. The idea was to make a pic where he is raiding a space ship, eating everyone on board. But! To the prey side...

I figured it would be pretty fun to do a mass prey pic with different OCs. So, instead of using my own ladies and lads using...Well, what about your OC? If you are interested just post a pic of the said OC in the comments. But! You MUST be okay with the thought of your OC togheter with other OCs. The pic will be a soft vore, male pred (Suprise!) mass prey pic.
On the prey OC part...All races and genders are welcome. But I need at least 4 of them to make this happen. And I wont draw OCs I have done before. If I have...
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