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Alternative vore? Posted 1 year ago
Oh man, I just love to sleep. Much because I got so many vore dreams. Some nights ago I was having a rather interesting vore dream, the concept of "thing's that can't eat you but now they will"

The dream was about me flying a spaceship with an AI. The spaceship and I did not get along very well, most because different opinions on how things would be operated. So it ended with him telling me that if I am going to be all pain in the ass, I might as well be fuel. And after that things started to get...well, very interesting. Tentacle/snake like things was coming out from the walls and he somehow managed to devour me.

I have decided that this will definitely be the theme of my next vore pic. Spaceship/AI vore! I bet you haven't seen that one before. I have a...
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Ironi Posted 1 year ago
Oh the ironi. The huge ironi.

I'm a rather...what could I say "periodic person" and that means I got so many interests and hobbies and it's hard for me doing more then one project at a time.
The Slugger pic I did just gave me a huge amount of insperation for a comic. It will have some vore elements in there but it will not be the main focus of it. And this means that maybe I will be away from here for a while now until the top of this insperational spree went away. Ahh, ADD, what a wonderful thing.

But do not fear. I will be back. Oh yes. But for now I can be a little slow on posting things. And 1000 favs! Thank you all so very, very much! \/
The story of a vore story Posted 1 year ago
Something I wanted to do for some time now is to write stories. However, there is one small thing that prevents me, the English language. The same goes for role play. I Have a dream of role playing my characters and eat everything that comes in one's way, but to the subject...

Sometimes I wonder if one should not ignore any misspellings and actually just start. You gotta start somewhere? And errors = learning in progress. I guess the feeling of restricition is the thing that bothers me the most. with the Swedish language i'm much better in expressing myself and somewhat that dosen't shine through in the English..Hmmm...

But! I LOVE writing vore stories. Oh god. I have a BUNCH of them, all written in Swedish and all just laying around on the hard drive. None of...
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Artzy fartzy Posted 1 year ago
My inspiration is a bit low for the moment, but I managed to start on the multy prey OC project and this is the raw sketch (It will change in the process) but now I kind of know how the outcome will be *Yey!* and i'm also open for more OCs to join the party so. You know what to do. Hit me up. Don't let this pred go on hungry :gulp:
I want your OC! (Again. Muhahah) Posted 1 year ago
So, I got this idea. One OC that I haven't done to many times is Slugger. He is a cat-robo space pirate and he has a side kick who is a cat cyborg. The idea was to make a pic where he is raiding a space ship, eating everyone on board. But! To the prey side...

I figured it would be pretty fun to do a mass prey pic with different OCs. So, instead of using my own ladies and lads using...Well, what about your OC? If you are interested just post a pic of the said OC in the comments. But! You MUST be okay with the thought of your OC togheter with other OCs. The pic will be a soft vore, male pred (Suprise!) mass prey pic.
On the prey OC part...All races and genders are welcome. But I need at least 4 of them to make this happen. And I wont draw OCs I have done before. If I have...
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Vore dreams Posted 1 year ago
So I have basically gone to never have any vore related dreams before 2014, to have them several times a week. It all started with me trying to mastered the art of lucid dreaming but never really got good at it. However, it is like I "hacked" my brain in some way. It's funny. Since I started to make vore art, it has become more and more frequent...And now...Almost every night! Vore dreams. Every. Night! It's like a dream! *Plz kill me* And often with ideal predators as well.
This night I had three vore dreams. One was about a big black panther who tried to eat me. It was nothing special really, But id love me some nice cuddling with a huge cat. The other two dreams on other hand... Wow, the other two... ...
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Meet the boys Posted 1 year ago
so in recent times i have had some questions about the robots that i draw, about their backstory etc.

The thing is that they don't have any backstory, but at the same time they have a very long one and I might be able to write a shorter novel about that. Throughout my life I have liked robots and everything started with the Megamans game in the 90s, but I didn't start to create my own characters until the summer of 2013. But never shared anything here because I was afraid that it would kill the charm and that no one would like what I did. After all, it is very personal to share what you draw and not least if it is kink related stuff. So I have a bunch of drawings in my cabinets on my first pred bots and Greger is the first one I ever did.

The idea is that the...
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Plans Posted 1 year ago
So, now I got plenty of preys for the bois. So for future projekts there will be a little more variation on the prey material. I will work on those pics over a variety of time and maybe put some other project in between them. So no stress, but they will happen :3 And I will do my first M/M project. Im actually a big fan of M/M just haven't been in the mood. Same with MM/F (This is my favorite. Love love love MM/F) but for some reason I don't draw that very often. Maybe it's to hot for me? Like, I cant handle the hotness or something >.> But for the M/M part...Girls screaming around is pretty fun to draw. But I must say. Watching a guy struggle is very satisfying. Little boi on...
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I want your OC to be dinner Posted 1 year ago
Just for fun I want to do a drawing where one of the robot bois is getting something a little bit different. Your OC.
Tho they have a special place in their heart (Stomach) for cute girls they will eat pretty much anything (everyone). Humans, non humans, chubby, smal, girls and guys and so on.

So if you want you OC to be dinner, just let me know :3
New name. But not so new me. Posted 1 year ago
As some of you might noticed I have changed my alias. It has many reasons but the main reason is pretty simple. It was to long.

Mecho is a play on words. Nekos and mechs are nice. So Why not both. Mecho. Yes!