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Meaty preds Posted 1 year ago
So I want to make more of those "meaty preds" Like, non robot/cyber ones. I prefer to do non canon preds at the moment because designing things are to much fun. So, any suggestions on meaty preds you guys/galz/guyzettes want to see? And don't worry. I will not quit doing robot guys. They are the best! :gulp:

And a little note. Today I will start training more on my art skills with new programs and stuff. So there is a small risk of me being slow on posting art. Hopefully the progress will go just smooth and you will have new and better vore art in the near future.
Artz Posted 1 year ago
Today the thought got to me. It would be fun to do art trades. So I try to hold high quality/standard for my work, and for that matter I don't do commisions (yet) becaus I feel the need to learn digital art and how stuff works more first. But if any one out there is interested in some trades. Hit me up!
Release your inner beast Posted 1 year ago
I bet one or more of you have heard the "This thing can't eat you. It's not vore potent" kind of thingy. It is rather unsual and people have discussed this many, many times in the forum and stuff like that.

Isn't it rather funny that one very unrealistic fantasy suddenly must be realistic all of a sudden? Or make "vore sense" Let me explain in all of the gloryness of hacky English.

For me, vore is one of my go to for escaping reality. Reality itself has just to many limitations and rules. To many "This isn't possible" and if you are like me and feel that your whole sexual, or huge part of it, surounds against something that will never happen to you then it is rather importent to unleash your imagination. Play with it! Have fun! Do...
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Ah! Finally Posted 1 year ago
A friend got me a drawing tablet for my birthday. So for now on, no more drawing with the mouse. I think it will spare me alot of time *Big hurray!* :gulp:
First blog post Posted 1 year ago
Oh man...Where to begin?

I have been active on this forum for so long now. In the beginning I was only a lurker who barely knew hos to write in English (I still working on it!) and in the beginning (May 2006) I was suprised to see the non existens of male preds. So I was feeling left out from all the fun. But time has changed and seeing the Portal changing for more deversity is a neat little treat of meat in the heat *Eyyyy* (Deversity is important!)

So I took this rather big step to start making own vore art and contrebute to the Portal. Male preds only and with most fokus on the preds them selfs. And oh man have I already spend so many hours just to get the art that feels "just right" As you can see, im rather strongly niched to robots and cyber preds....
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