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Accepting commissoins thru Sunday Posted 1 year ago
Get all the details here -> ... -776675445
Commissions Will Open December 14th [See Link] Posted 1 year ago
All the Info on the when and where to submit are here ->
Commissions will open August 10th ↓SEE LINK BELOW↓ Posted 2 years ago
Details and information here →
Commissions Are Closed! [Summer Batch #1] Posted 3 years ago
Check out the details on DeviantArt
Commissions Are Closed! [Summer Batch #1] Posted 3 years ago
I'll be sending out notes / pms to those whom I will be giving slots to.


Commission List:

1. Chubbybutt
2. LauraLate


*Please send me your idea via note/pms and include the character(s) you want, poses you'd like, belly type and size (if any), commission type, background details and reference pictures for them. Of course if you have no preference for some of those, state that.

*Commissions will be Paypal only.

*You will have until August 14th to send your payment, otherwise you will be dropped.

*Due to demand, only one commission per person for this batch. Don't worry though, I...
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Commissions Will Open August 5th Posted 3 years ago
On August 5th I will begin accepting commission proposals for my first Summer batch of commissions.

Please wait until August 5th to send me your commission ideas. I will ignore any proposals until that date. Commission ideas will be taken on how much I like the idea, not first come first serve.

For batch number one I will be taking 3 colored sketches and 5 regular (non-colored) sketches.

I will post another journal on August 5th announcing that commissions are open, with a time line of when I will stop accepting ideas. I decided too, that since Photobucket doesn't allow third party hosting anymore, half the reason I use dA premium is now defunct. So I won't be taking payment in dA core subscriptions this time.

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Commissions Are Closed! Posted 4 years ago
Thank you everyone for submitting your ideas over the past two days.

It was rather difficult picking just 5 colored sketches and 5 non-sketch pictures to go with. I spent a good deal of this morning picking and choosing which ones to go with. But I finally arrived at a decision.

I apologize if I didn't select your idea. I wanted to try and give everyone a chance to submit their ideas since I haven't really been open for commissions in a year+ time. I'll still be tweaking how I open for them and things from time to time.

Below are the now filled slots, I will be sending out notes promptly to each individual as of this journal's posting. Each person will have 7 days to pay, so from now until Sunday July 3rd.

*Edit* put a wrong...
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Commissions Are Open! Posted 4 years ago
That's right folks! Commissions are open and I will be accepting 5 non-sketch pictures and 5 colored sketch slots!

I will be accepting ideas starting now until Sunday June 26 1:00 PM Pacific standard time. After which I will decide which commissions to take and post a journal announcing the closure.


*Commissions will be Paypal only.

*Please send me your ideas via note/pms and include the character(s) you want, poses you'd like, belly type and size (if any), commission type, background details and reference pictures for them.

*I will be accepting ideas that I enjoy best from those submitted now until Sunday afternoon. If you do not submit your idea in time there will always be the future. I plan on taking smaller...
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Commissions Open On 6/24 Posted 4 years ago
Hey everyone, after months of grinding down I will be opening up commissions again on June 24th, as stated in the header.

I will be posting another journal on that date, with all commission information, including prices, commission types offered, ect. So get your idea(s) ready to send on that date or afterwards.

Please do not expect me to read/save/ info sent before I open up, I will be accepting each commission on a combination of "First come first serve + ideas I find most enjoyable".

I will draw:

*Weight gain/BBWs/Immobiles/ Blobs
*Belly and/or Body Expansion/inflation
*Normal/cute art
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Commission Opening Date Postponed Posted 4 years ago
Hey everyone :3

I mentioned last month I would be re-opening in December, well I'm going to post pone that in-defiantly until I can finish my backlog. As much as the money would help I need to get the last few bites off my plate before I can continue forward. I had thought I would be able to finish the work backlog before January. But that would involve rushing some commissions and I don't want to do that, it would turn out sloppy. Thankfully I've almost finished all the commissions from the previous batches though, sketch commissions and non sketch commissions alike.

I'll be posting another blog/journal here and on DeviantArt a week before I start accepting new commissions, then another one on the announced date.

Thanks, and have a great day.