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Commissions Opening Up Later This Month Posted 4 years ago
Hey everyone I hope you're doing well this holiday season.

I've almost completed my (much too large) backlog of commissions I have owed folks from the previous batches. As it stands, I owe just 4 more cell shaded pictures and one sketch colored sketch page, of which I plan to finish this upcoming weekend and next week.

As for the folks on the reservation list from 2014, I have sent out PMs to each person who held a spot and have already spoken to a great many of you. I have only yet to hear back from only one or two folks. I have talked to said folks and worked out their commissions and if I have missed you, send me a note here. This leads us to future commission slots and when I plan to re-open.

After having delayed re-opening commissions...
[ Continued ... ]
Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays Posted 5 years ago
People always post such depressing blogs here at Eka's...

This is not one of them; If you celebrate it I hope you have a Merry Christmas and if not a Happy Holidays.

Also in case you were wondering I am much more active on my DeviantArt account than here.
Commission Reservations 7/4/2014 Posted 6 years ago
If you're ever interested in snagging a commission from me and not having me be a derp and forgetting, here is the link to snag a reservation for a future commission.

If you want one, comment here or on the dA journal. Preferably not both, that would be silly. I think I have all the rules and prices up there, so have at it.

My Skype Posted 6 years ago
username: metalforever_1


Name: Metal Forever.

Anyone is welcome to add me. This is my public IM account.

Though I do not roleplay, sorry.
Thanks For All The Support, Feeling Better. Posted 7 years ago
Thanks for all the support from those who commented on my last blog.

I am feeling better now. I should have some new art within a week ( I hope)

Thanks again.
Depression, Lack of motivation ect. Posted 7 years ago
Hey everyone, just going to give a little update regarding commissions and other art.

Regarding commissions or any artwork for that matter, I haven't made much progress as of late. I've been rather depressed for a number of reasons and it is stalling my work.

I'm trying my best at the moment to force myself to draw anything, anything at all. It seems to be working, somewhat.

Just letting you know, I am trying to remedy the situation as soon as possible.
Commissions Closed! Posted 7 years ago
All my commission slots are now full, I am not accepting any new commissions at this time now.

I will be reopening them when I finish this current batch.

Should Non-Vore Artists Be Allowed To Post Their Art Here? Posted 7 years ago
What do you think?

Should someone who never draws vore be allowed to post their art here.

Is it okay if their "art" is similar to vore, such as pregnancy, stuffing, ect. Is that still acceptable? or is it wasted space on the Portal?

Tell me what you think! Personally I am against it. I feel that you should at least have half of your gallery be vore related on a website dedicated to vore.
Got A Replacement Pen Posted 8 years ago
It's all good yo.
Tablet Pen Is Out Of Action Posted 8 years ago
Basically, my nib on my tablet pen broke off and now is stuck inside.

There doesn't appear to be anyway to open the pen itself, so I'm going to have to get a new one.

This means for the next few days, no new art