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Thinking About Jumping On The RP Wagon. Posted 10 years ago
That's right folks.... Being the devious individual I am... I have decieded to try and take up role playing for a bit, and see how it turns out.

I don't know much about how it works, other then the literal sense... of well... role playing. And on that matter... Should I play as Ember? Or would she come off as a mary sue? Should I be myself? Or what? I can't deciede.

I also don't have a clue where to start D:

So if anyone wants to give me some advice on the subject... or tips, or what have you.. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
10K pageview kiriban prize? Posted 10 years ago
I apologize if this blog is too close to the last, I don't normally blog or what have you... so bear with me.

But anyway....

I just noticed that I am on the verge of 10,000 pageviews here on Eka's! :D

And It got me to thinking... I do pageview kiribans on my DA page... so why not here? So I'd like to thank everyone who has stopped by my page with this offer...

Be the first to show me a screen cap of my 10K mark exactly, and you get a free request :D

It can be really anything you want, although I'd like it to be something I usually draw,...
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My favorite things about vore! Posted 10 years ago
Hello everyone.... Well I'm just going to put it bluntly.... I am going to list and explain some specific aspects of vore that just make me jump with excitement. (Pretty much the opposite of my pet peeves) The reason you may ask? Well I am just curious if anyone has something remotly similar to my intrests. So even if there isn't much need to list the broad subjects ... I might aswell.

1. Large round bellies, buldgey to some extent... but not always... I have always found round bellies to be an object of intrest... Something about the volume... the shape, the 3 dimensions... just attracts me to draw them... Same goes for anything else on the human body that is round or voluptious... I don't know why... but it appeals so much to me.

2. The prey in the belly/belly...
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Brainstorming vore senarios... Posted 11 years ago
Just wanting to share some ideas I am brainstorming as of right now. Tell we what you think, and if someone could direct me as to how to reply on blog comments on said blog, do tell.

#1: This just hit me while I was out today. Take scout's mom from TF2, combine her with unbirthing the red spy (Like she is hiding him from Blu or something), and turn it into a joke. How so? Well I am thinking of having it start were we see Scout's mom turn around in response to some other TF2 characters comment, either the soldier or heavy (the "slow" ones) and Scout's mom with have a large buldging stomach. Baffeled the soldier/heavy look on and ask if she is pregnant, she replies with a yes and they talk about blah blah blah pregnancy how big you are ect. But slowly the red spy...
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Vore Pet Peeves? And other things! Posted 11 years ago
Hi, long time no post. So let me get straight to the point, I, like many people here have preferences on vore. But A while ago I noticed some things about the vore community that kind of tic me off, with little or no real reason. But none of this is an attack on anyone, just my opinion.

1. Probably my biggest pet peeve related to vore, Calling human on human hard vore... vore. To me it kind of seems boarderline cannablism. I cannot see how you can justify it, I guess the only difference is that vore is fantasy and cannablism is not, or atleast not intended to be.

2. Number 2, People who use "Vore" in this context as a verb and pronoun I guess... Example: "Hey bud you're one hawt vore, I'd like to vore you up you, you delicious vore you!"...
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I Can Has Gallery? Posted 11 years ago
Oh Hai thar... so um yes this is my first blog at Eka's and I would just like to start off by saying that I have been at the Portal for a year now, although I have known of the site for longer then that. An since some people may or may not know of me and my work I ask myself, should I consider getting a gallery? I would love to share my work here, I mean, I like vore! You like vore! We all like vore! Vore is great, and I would like meet new vore artists aswell as the old that I know around the site, share ideas, share art, ect ect.

I guess it is a given, I am going to try and get an album here.