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Art raffle going on Posted 3 months ago
Check out this awesome art raffle by this artist ^^
Its on till the 25th so better hurry
Check out misslynn Posted 10 months ago
Check out misslynn shes an awesome artist shes open for commissions too if u want to commission her ^^
I have a kofi ^^ Posted 1 year ago
Eh figure i might as well let people know i have a kofi its here if anyone would like to donate money to help me with commissions off & on u don't have to of course but its here if u like to ^^
I've been at the hospital for a bit Posted 2 years ago
I've been at the hospital for a bit & worst of all my kindle died so I'll only be able to draw on paper for awhile sadly sorry for being on hiatus I really am
My friend is looking to do commissions Posted 3 years ago
I have a friend who is doing commissions so if your interested u can commission him to draw u something if u like heres the link
Mettra Posted 3 years ago
My proof that its me one of u anonymous people wanted proof here u go
Im going to the hospital :( Posted 3 years ago
Im going to the hospital dont know when I'll be back i never mentioned this but i have kidney failure & apparently its somehow affecting my skin so im going to the hospital hope to see you all when i get back !
Mettras origin Posted 3 years ago
How would you react if i told that theres a relation between Mettra & this character?
Im sorry Posted 3 years ago
I really am sorry that i haven't posted a drawing on here in awhile its just this one drawing taking forever to finish again im really sorry & i hope people forgive me
Wheres the slowdown king Posted 3 years ago
There was a utuber called the slowdown king but i cant find him it was one of his videos on utube that introduced me into knowing about vore