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His And Only His Posted 6 years ago
She cried out, pleading for her Master to stop. But of course he just continued, just like he did every day with his little doll.... That was all she was to him, a doll, and plaything. His little toy, to do with as he pleased. And he did everything he wanted to her.... Every day it was the same. There was no way for her to fight, no way to stand up to him. When she tried to stand up to him, she didn't even come up to his shin! It was impossible to fight a man when he was so much larger than her... She panted heavily as she twisted and writhed in his tight hold, making him smirk as he brought her closer for their daily game.

"Come now, dear," he said in a smooth, irritating voice. "You know how it goes... It's that time of day again, so let's make it...
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