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A little something (Rant and personal feelings) Posted 6 years ago
Yeah, in regards to the last blog thing, I have yet to really write. I have a good story or two in mind but honestly, I been feeling a little down as of late. For those that don't want to hear this sort of thing, go ahead and leave if you wish.

Honestly, at this point in my life, I just hate myself. I wish to be more social with others only to find myself being drawn away by doubt regardless and my core reason for this is that I often feel disconnected with the world, having no wifi, no job, having hardly any contact with anyone does make it quite hard to have interests that are up to date nor can I purchase games or watch what everyone is watching and whatnot. It just deeply impacts anyone I would believe, not sure. Maybe some people are better than me and all. Aside from...
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Where was I? Ah yes... Posted 6 years ago
Going off from the last blog, I been having a lot of things go on with myself, failed to get into college, have to get a job and such and such. Well, with all that out of the way now, until I get me a job, I am back for now. I didn't get a chance to write anything out during that time, however, I did have another story written out before the whole thing with college but of course, I thought it was a little... I dunno. Bloody sorta like chapter two for Raa's story which... Well, I don't know what happened with that.

Oh well, I'm getting back to writing, expect things and whatnot.
Slowness Ahead Posted 6 years ago
As of today, I am registered for collage and will start the 17th and also will be taking a small vacation in the meantime. While I am happy for going to collage, I expect to be stressed so yeah.

Also sucks that I couldn't sign up for a drawing class due to well... it can't be transferred to the university I will be going to by next year. Perhaps I will try for it in the spring. . w.
Wanted to say somethings Posted 6 years ago
First off on the list is well, thanks everyone for the favorites and watches on some of my work. I may only have three things on here but compared to my DA, there is just nothing there for me despite the work I put into the stories on DA. You peeps rock because well, you just do.

Second is since I opened and posted the first two stories, I have felt that I am becoming less anti social in some regards and now I am just trying in my spare time to follow other writers and artists because well, I find inspiration from others work as some or most human beings do.

And finally, I will start to work on more stuff to put up here but tomorrow and/or Friday will be busy for me so work will be a little slowed. Though, I have questioned what I should work on for a vore related...
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Wanting to open a Gallery Posted 6 years ago
So for the longest time now, I always been wanting to get my gallery on here opened and contribute to the community with some short to long stories. While I think this could be a good step in the direction for me to become a better (smut) writer, half of me thinks its more of a waste of time, making me wonder if this will fail like the time I tried writing on DA or even that awful interactive story I made a year and a half ago.

Then again, why not do it for the hell of it so I will slowly be working on getting my gallery open and work on some short stories to post once the thing is up. I do have one story up and just about ready to go so maybe that I could use to get the gallery open then post it. . w.