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BEWARE SCAM ALERT // DeviantArt Posted 3 weeks ago
BEWARE!!!! @coolguy123214
Is a scammer!!! There are two persons behind this account. Luke and Julie Stallon!
The E-Mails which they use for PayPal are [email protected] and [email protected]

I’d love if you could do the classic instagram like justice and find everything out about them but idk

They asked me to draw a custom character with various versions and asked for a payment plan! I agreed and started drawing the character and the different versions payment after payment. Just before paypals customer service guarantee ran out they opened a dispute. They stated that they falsely bought the digital goods. PayPal was on my side but they went to their credit institute and got...
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Raging Posted 3 months ago
Hello my friends <3
I’m here today to rage a bit.
I’m currently not feeling as well as I would love to. Feeling stressed and not capable of doing anything I would like to do.
I don’t know if you know that feeling that you would like to make certain things but you’re just not doing anything and you’re just feeling worthless.
The cherry on top today was a message from PayPal that someone wanted their money back. I made a custom design with various versions. Finished Everything got my money, and now a few weeks later, PayPal say that client wasn’t permitted to pay. That was kind of a scam or something like that but the nickname and the email address are the same so this is just a lie from the dude who asked me to make a character. I provided PayPal with information...
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Prices ♥ Posted 4 months ago
Hello my friends! ♥
A small information for all of you.
Upcoming month (January) I will edit the prices of my commissions/character designs and I will also add a general price information about comic commissions. ♥
Some things will get bit more expensive, some things will get cheaper and maybe I'll add another Autobuy option for my characters (Extra drawing maybe?) ;3 ♥

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a nice time!!
Covid Posted 5 months ago
Guess who got sick! ;3; ugh
Everything might delay a bit! I’m sorry <3
Away Posted 6 months ago
Hello my lovely follower and friends ♥
I wanted to tell you that I'll be away for a week! My mother got me a plane ticket to visit her ^v^ (haven't seen her for a year now ;v;)
I'll try to answer your pm's and requests as good as I can but I won't be abl.e to work on commissions at that time!
But I managed to finish some character designs / adopts to post while I'm away ♥
Rough Months Posted 1 year ago
Hello my lovely followers!
I’m currently very stressed and I’m unable to draw for more than a hour straight x.x
The last two months were so extremely rough.
First I got sick for two weeks, then my remaining two wisdom teeth got pulled out after that I broke my toe, then I slipped on the stairs and broke my coccyx (yes you can break it and sitting hurts like hell) and now my grandma passed away after a long fight against cancer. Oh and I also have to take care of my grandpa with dementia twice a week.
Life’s currently really fucking me hard.

But thank you all for still being here and holding my back!
Wisdom Teeth Posted 1 year ago
Hello my friends! ♥ It might still take a bit to post regulary again x-x I just got my last 2 wisdom teeth removed and then there will be my birthday on the 11th of March x3 And I also have still a regular job. My planner is so full of things to do. Ah ;3;
I'm back! ♥ Posted 1 year ago
Hey guys! I'm finally back ♥ Sorry for taking longer x3 Now back onto all the commissions and work x3
Vacations 21st till 30th Posted 1 year ago
See you guys! ♥ My mom celebrates her 50th birthday so I'll see her for a week ♥ I won't be able to post for a while ^v^ But I'll work on all your commissions ♥