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Need ideas for new story Asap! Looking for sugestions. (Read Before Commenting) Posted 4 weeks ago
So last week I finally started creating cracks in the mental wall that has prevented me from writing for over three years now. Since then I have written a Halloween story, and right now I'm just revising it. The problem is I'm almost done, and then I will need to write something else and I have no ideas. I really need to figure out one before I finish the current one because if I don't have anything new to write I just know I'm going to fall back off the horse again and all the progress I made will disappear. It is a marathon not a sprint. So I was hoping you guys could brain storm with me over the next few days while I finish the Halloween story.
Before you start giving ideas there is a couple things you should know.
First I have started moving away from stories with under...
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Started working on a choose your own adventure game staring lupanna! Posted 6 months ago
So As I have said I have been struggling with my anxiety disorders in regards to creativity for over a year now. And while during Halloween and Thanksgiving I finally managed to write two new stories and finally finish an older one, I started struggling again. I have been trying to find a way to over come them ever since. One of my friends on here suggested I start smaller then I normally do and just focus on that. I did start a text game a few years ago, and despite wanting to continue it ever since my anxieties got in the way. I have been aching to write something for months now. However the program I use to make text games, as has a feature that makes simple choose your own adventure games called quest, which requires not much programming then writing each page, and it would be writing...
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Well It's nearly Valentines Day, need ideas for a story. Posted 9 months ago
Hi, so sorry I never came through with the xmas story, I guess I got burned out on the stress of making one for Halloween and Thanksgiving on the day of those holidays and it gave me a lot of stress. Anyway When I was asking for ideas for a xmas story, someone said I should do a one on one romance story, which I said I would do for Valentines day. So here I am looking for ideas.
First, what kind of pred should I do, human, demi(example Cat girl, or Anthro?
Second, what kind of romantic relationship should the pred and they prey have. None the story is about them discovering they have feelings for each other. Dating and they decide to get serious resulting in vore(Non fatal in some way), or they have an existing relationship and it's going rocky and some how the act of the pred...
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So using my Tigitaur in Xmas story, but could use sugestion on plot ideas Posted 11 months ago
Okay, so in my last blog every single reply wanted me to use my Tigertaur Cataurina, and I am going to go with that. However I'm having some trouble finding a base for the stor, and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions.
So Here is here profile again
So the idea is some kind of Party for the holiday, where she can stuff herself with quite a few meals, till like immobility. This will have reformation even though it will not be shown on screen probably.
So my vague ideas for a setting so far is either at a house where where someone she knows is throwing the party or at her restaurant. There she could eat some prey of the menu and even a few of her employs. What anyone be interested in another pred being present and...
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Working on Christmas Story, come help pick the Demi or anthro pred! Posted 11 months ago
Hi everyone, so I have completed two holiday stories in the last few months, and now I am aiming at Xmas. Now this time I want to do a An anthro or even demi pred, in a possible Christmas party setting so there will be an abundance of prey. I'm just having trouble nailing down what pred I will use so hear are the options I have that you guys can push for.
First my three OC chatroom characters.
Cataurina (Female, Tigertaur)

Leona (Lioness anthro)
If her it will be a work party so she will eat her own employees. And here is a gallery of mine with some drawings of her in action

And Cat-trina Demi cat girl ...
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Needs ideas for a Thanksgiving story, welcoming in all ideas Posted 1 year ago
So first I just want to say, that the Halloween story is almost done. I should have it up by the 6th during high traffic hours.
Now I am looking towards writing a story for Thanksgiving, and could use some ideas. This time I want to use my maternal wolf Lupanna. Who can say know to a motherly wolf showing up for TG dinner and dinning on the guests. I was more hoping to do it with child prey, this time. But if you guys can come up with an idea with young adults that I like I will run with that too. I'm open to single or multiple prey this time, as well as prey of post vore stuffing. So here is your chance to see a maternal wolf story the way you want to. So let's hear those ideas?
Halloween story 2020 Update! Plus a new story too. Posted 1 year ago
So I haven't started it yet. I know it's the 18th, and I do want to post it by Halloween. It's just actually writing something to show other's is harder then I thought it would be. But I'm giving it an honest effort. The good news is since I have plotted the whole story out I think I can safely say this one will not be as long as last years. Plus I have started using a dictation program rather then typing, so I can now do about a thousand words every fifteen minutes rather then five in thirty minutes, so that's four times the out put. I'm feeling really good about this idea, and I think I got a reasonably good twist that I hope I can keep you guys from seeing till it's reveal at the end.

However I do have something to hold you guys over till I post the holiday story....
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I finally have an idea for the pred in my new Halloween story. Tell me what you guys think. Posted 1 year ago
So I got a couple good suggestions in my last blog, about what kind of pred to put in my seasonal Halloween story for this year. After some brainstorming I came up with my own idea that I quite like, and I want to know what you guys think.
So this time I am also going with a bestial female pred,that eats multiple prey. However this time the pred is completely invisible and I never actually show what she looks like. This will be fun because from the preys point of view their friend just slowly starts to disappear into thin air right in front of their eyes. First the head, then all is left is the feet suspended in the air then poof gone, followed by a belch whose source they can now place. Another fun part is that once she eats one of the prey, her stomach will be quite loud so the...
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Well, it's nearly Halloween again. Time to wrinte another story. Posted 1 year ago
So hi all. Sorry I haven't done anything since December. It's because I have been grappling with my general anxiety disorder over writing since last October. I hopefully finally mastered it, and with everyone's favorite spooky holiday coming again I want to write a new story for the occasional.
Only this time I'm having trouble nailing down any solid ideas. So I thought I would ask you guys what you might want to see? Any particular classic monster, horror scenario or troupe? Although I would love to, I don't have many ideas on doing another shape shifter, though they are great for vore because they are so versatile. Maybe you guys have some ideas to put a different spin on that concept for this time?
So for the details I have worked out so far. The pred will be female of...
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Writing Xmas Story, need volunteers to be prey Posted 1 year ago
So, I'm writing two stories for Christmas, one the pred is my Anthro Lioness Leona. I want to use other people's OC's so I'm asking you my readers to volunteer your characters. Its going to take place at her office party, where she get in a party mood and eats quite a few coworker, then has to sleep them off. It well be reform only no fatal. Leona doesn't kill her employees because being the head of HR that would result in a lot of paperwork and unwanted interviews.
Here is her Chatroom profile so you can see if she is someone you liked to see your character to be gobbled up by.
For now I will only do one character person, unless I can't...
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