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New Post Soon Posted 5 months ago
Sorry about the delay, more to come very soon.
Epilogue part 2 Posted 10 months ago
Still working on Epilogue part 2, sorry for the delay guys.
Just a short question, would you guys like a continuation of this story into college or should I start fresh with other characters?
Heist Posted 11 months ago
For a 16 year old, I was on the very skinny side at 150 pounds and 6 feet tall. I was a very blonde kid that looked very average in a highschool setting in America. Unfortunately for me, one of my dreams is to get jacked to the proportions of some of the bodybuilders I’ve seen online like Steve Cook or Lazar Angelov. In order to achieve my dream, I took up the first opportunity he got in high school and opted for the weightlifting classes every year so far. Puberty for me has got me a lot of height for sure, but height makes it harder to get visible gains since it takes more muscle to look jacked on a taller guy. After 2 years my arms only had 14 and a half inches to them and I have little definition as far as pecs or abs go. But I had the weirdest plan to accelerate my gains as much as...
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