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Commisions update. Posted 5 months ago
(This text is provisional and will be revised to my usual translator, but as he cant do it until the next week... sorry for the bad english)

How ask me one?
-talking me in a private chat in discord or sending me a email to [email protected]

How time will take have it finished?
-I´m slow, veeeeeery slow, so probably 2 or 3 months, I usually use the first half of the month to draw commisions and the 2º to draw patreon. If your comisión is something small will be more easy find space to draw it, if is a comic or something very big will take me more time.

-By paypal before I start, I will not put you in the “commisions list” unitl you sent the payment.

What I dont...
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Patreon VS Subscribestar. Posted 1 year ago
Hi people, little "big" new, as you probably know Patreon is becoming a no friendly site for NSFW authors and they are doing a little BIG abuse of power, saying to the author what can or not cant draw inside and OUTSIDE of Patreon, dont care if is a commision out of patreon, or a picture I draw when I was boring, if the theme is against the patreon norms and they find it uploaded in internet they will force you to erase it, dont care if the picture is in ekas, in exhentai or pixy, your account will be suspended until you erase it. So what I´m doing then?, I have opened a account in Subscribestar, is a site like patreon, work in the same way, so I will be uploading the "patreon stuff" (now the patreon/subscribestar stuff), in both sites for now, the material will be the...
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subscribestar Posted 1 year ago
Hello, I will comment more about this in the future, but I need put here this link to have my account in subscribestar aproved, so for now ignore it. More news soon.
Hi everyone Posted 2 years ago
Hello people, again sorry for be missing here for a while, I was very bussy and with my discord server I´m using it to comunicate with the fans and all so I have this a little forgotten.

As you can see I just upload the comic of "I think my Boss wants eat me", I will be uploading tomorrow another comic and past tomorrow another one, I have a lot of pages waiting to be uploaded. I will try dont be so late with the updates in the future.

By the way if you want join to my vore discord you can use this link:

And a week ago i opened another discord server for my Hentai/no hentai stuff, the Pirates VS Ninjas and comics like that, I had a little "crisis" days ago when I was triying again start to work in...
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Happy New Year 2020 People Posted 2 years ago
Have a good night with your friend/family/cat.

P.D: I will try do a big upload of pages tomorrow.
NEW COMIC, back to ekas, and more stuff. Posted 2 years ago
Hi people, how are you doing?, me? tired but well, I´m back from Japan (well, more than a month ago really) and I just finish to moving to a new home, that and other things are the reasons because I was very absent the past months, doing my work in patreon or the Sketches nighst but only talking in my Discord Channel, simply I had not time and energy to be more present in internet. As I said I just moved to a new home and the last month was a great madness, the moving company, put all my stuff in boxes, move all the stuff that I could not put in boxes on time for the truck, now fix all the stuff in the new apartament (plugs, plumbing, furniture etc), open boxes and find where I can put the stuff and slowly this looks more and more like a home XD, now I finally have a decent studio where I...
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Out for 3 weeks for holydays. Posted 3 years ago
Hello people in 20 minutes I will go to madrid to take a Plane to Japan, I will be there the next 3 weeks and I will be back around the day 4 or 5 of the next month, when I come back I will upload pages of Naga Story/voralien and more (you can check them in my Patreon anyway, and I will put serious with the mails, menssages etc.

I will be uploading photos probaly here:
See you soon people, be good.
About the Sketches Nights and the hours Posted 3 years ago
Hello people, I´m thinking in something about the sketches night, as probably a lot of people already know I´m having a lot of problems to sleep well, in fact today I finished the sketches night around 6 AM here and around 9:30 I was already up, apparently my horary is not very... healthy, and I should change it if I dont want have serius problem in the future. I should be manage one night per week until very late in a SN (like the saturday or sunday), but I´m thinking that the SN of the wednesday will change to a Sketches Evening or something like that, starting it around 5PM here (around 7 hours before that the usual hour), letting me finish it in a decent hour.

The problem?, there will be someone at those hours?, do the SN in my night means that a lot of people are in their...
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I´m back bitches....... well tomorrow...... XD. Posted 3 years ago
Hi people, finally I have all my projects finished, in the printhouse and today they gave me the confirmation of my comics are being printed or they are in the "list", so finally I can relax, in fact when I had the confirmations my body switch off XD, well i going to rest a little more today and tomorrow Thursday I will retake all the commisions again, the patroen stuff and I will answerd the menssages and emails that I have accumulated, I will be doing a little SN tomorrow too, 5 slots probably, and until the day 30 when I must go to Barcelona to the manga event where I must sell the comics I will be working in all, after the event I will take 2 or 3 days to rest/die and I will be back to the work in the usuall rythm.

See ya and thanks for your patience.
Discord chat Posted 3 years ago
Hello people I opened a Discrod chat for my "fans", you can join with this link:

You can talk there and I will using it to comment "the SN of tonight is canceled, or start more late, or I´m diying sorry" and stuff like that.

And I hope that you have enjoyed the bit upload of today.