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I have graduated. Posted 6 months ago
I have officially graduated from college today. Got my degree and now it is time for me to find my place in the world.

Oh boy. This will be fun. XD
Sonia Adopted. That was fast. Posted 6 months ago
Well I already had my Succubot adopted. So for those who were thinking of it, sorry, but she has been claimed.
Happy Halloween 2020 Posted 11 months ago
Hope everyone is having a spooky night or day or whenever it is for you.
Gotten Back to Writing Posted 11 months ago
I am getting back into writing again. However, I find it more enjoyable when I am writing what I want to write so I will not be opening commissions again. Sorry. However, you can find some of my newest tales in my Pixiv account.
Happy Vore Day 2020 Posted 1 year ago
Even though I still don't understand it, I do find it funny and I hope you all enjoy your 8/8.

WAAAAAIIIIIIITTT! Now I understand it. XD
Chose to End my Patreon Posted 1 year ago
Hello everyone, I have chosen to close my Patreon page. I am doing this only because of a few reasons, but mainly, I feel I have been neglecting it for too long and I have so much important stuff in my life that I rather not have something like that distracting me or preventing me from earning my degree. If you want to provide support still, then make it verbal. Thank you all again.
Bringing my Pixiv to Life Posted 1 year ago
So guys, I have been thinking and I have decided that I am going to start slowly posting my stuff in Pixiv as well. I will start with my writings and slowly progress upwards till I have caught up to present day.

Will post a link shortly. I have one of my non-vore pieces up there now.
What is the most annoying "Hate" comment you have ever gotten? Posted 1 year ago
A while back on one of my posts in e-hentai, somebody posted a very rude comment directly aimed at me. I really hate getting comments like that as it is just annoying. If you don't like someone's work in some way, shape, or form, just leave it alone and leave. Don't post an annoying and disrespectful comment.

Have any of you ever gotten something like that in your galleries either here, anywhere else online, or IRL? You don't have to answer, I am just curious here.
Lockdown Posted 1 year ago
Well I just learned that in a few days, Washington, the state I live, is going into lockdown. THIS SUCKS. However, I can easily find ways to keep me busy and from going insane.
Life's Been "Busy" Posted 1 year ago
It actually hasn't. Due to the Coronavirus, my work has been seriously cut back. I have lost a lot of time to work and mainly have been sitting at home doing squat. I wish I can get out and make money somehow but unfortunately, I can't right now.

I hope you all are doing ok despite this whole epidemic.