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Funding Posted 5 years ago
I am preparing to start funding for the next pages of Family Fates: Ingestion. I want to try to complete this comic in a timely matter, so for the last time, I need your help.

If you wish to support funding for this comic, please donate to my tip jar below.

For every $50 donated, I will purchase a page. Donating is up to you. I thank you all and I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving soon!

Donate Here:

If you do donate, please tell me who you are on TipJar. To reward donators, I shall PM them the progress on each page. I will no longer be putting previews on my gallery.

If you have any questions, please...
[ Continued ... ]
WOO HOO Posted 5 years ago
I have gotten the final copies on my commissions. I am so sorry about asking so much but since I don't make a lot of money, I need some serious help. I am only asking for partial payment assistance. I understand if you choose not to help. It is your money after all, not mine. However, for those who are willing to help, I am willing to give you a little thank you gift as in a free story typed by me. If anyone wants a preview of the comics' next few pages, check my September Blog "First Commission" and look in the comments section. Thanks

I can't help myself Posted 5 years ago
I couldn't help myself. Without vore stories, I got extremely bored. I will still wait on my Festival of Combat tales till December so sorry.

For commissions, I need help with paying for a commission with Ndnode. If you are interested in helping, PM me. The comic plan is in one of my previous blog entries. September to be exact, I think.I would like as much help as I can get. The more help I can get, the faster I can pay for new comic commissions.
More Bad News and Some Good News Posted 5 years ago
First of all, my new charger is in. However, since I got finals coming up soon, I want to make sure I am well prepared for my next quarter and pass this one. Once I am on winter break, I can get back to typing but until then, I will hold up on everything till I finish this college quarter.

Some good news is that I am doing a comic commission with Rayen. Once I get back, I will be adding a new set of Miscellaneous stories to my gallery.

Thank You! To all of you.
Bad News Everyone Posted 5 years ago
I hate to bring bad news but my laptop charger was chewed up by my cat and since I am only able to type on my computer, (My most advanced piece of technology is my IPHONE 4 or something around that range), I will have to take a few days to wait for my new charger to come in. In other words, Festival of Combat will be delayed for a few days. However, I can give you the fighters in next round

Rhajat vs Selena

First non-tie I have had so far for these polls. (If there is a tie, I pick the fighter).

If you want to leave me how you think the winner should devour the loser, respond in the comments below or even PM me. I will get the next part done once I get my new charger. Sorry.
First commission Posted 5 years ago
I am starting my first commission with ndnode. It is not based on any of the stories currently. If you wish to support this future commission, PM me. Only start once the first pages are posted. Thanks