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I am Selling Homemade Candles Posted 2 years ago
Howdy everyone. I am selling homemade candles that I make on my own spare time. They are fairly simple and very reasonably priced. If you want to buy some, here is the link to my shop on Etsy
Welcome Back Everyone Posted 2 years ago
It is nice to see Eka's back up and running again after that server move. I have missed seeing all the great galleries and pictures posted by many artists here as well as reading some of the stories by some of the greatest writers here. (I got to get some writing done myself.)

Anyway, still, glad to see you all again.
Woo Hoo! Posted 2 years ago
I am sure by now, everyone knows I love Fire Emblem. Lately, I have been checking out Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event and I am happy. Camilla made it into this year's CYL event. Now I eagerly await the release of the event.
A New Comic With Ndnode. Posted 2 years ago
I have recently updated the pages purchased, thanks to my anonymous aid, to where all the final pages will be added in the next update. When that update of the comic comes, I am unsure. However, in addition to Family Fates' completion and doing the new sequel, I have also developed a plan for a brand new ndnode comic. It will involve my girl Xiana but will also involve some certain Fire Emblem ladies. I will probably post the plot plan in my blog entries soon but not sure when. It will be longer than Family Fates but, I feel, just as good. Thanks for listening.
Happy Birthday to Me. Posted 2 years ago
Happy Birthday to me. I am a year older as of today.
Want to see the sequel comic? Posted 2 years ago
I am sure many have noticed the sequel comic's folder in my gallery. While I won't be posting it publicly till the gallery is completed, if you are a supporting member in my Patreon, you can gain early access to the comic NOW. It will be about 1 page per month till the comic is completed. If you want, the support is simply being a Patron. The first page is already up, so if you want to see it, come check it out.
Some Interesting news about Family Fates Posted 2 years ago
Thanks to my partner and helper, who will remain anonymous for the time being, I have been able to purchase a total of 5 new pages from ndnode of the Family Fates comic. I am very grateful to my aid for this as I doubt I could have done this much in this short period without him.

Second, my partner and I have also started work on funding a sequel to Family Fates. While it won't be done by Ndnode, it will still be done by another great artist I know. Who will remain a secret for the time beingg.

Lastly, after the last pages of the comic are purchased and done, I have 2 pages left to comm after these 5, I am planning to start the next ndnode comic. So, heads up.
Happy and Sad moments from this year. Posted 2 years ago
So, I am sure many know it is almost the end of the year. With it being the case, there are some things I am proud of and those I am a bit disappointed about. I have a little list on them for just this site.

Proud moments:
Being a member of Eka's for almost three years.
Meeting such great people here who have similar likes to me.
Making some new friends and acquaintances here on Eka's.
Having improved my writing somewhat over the time

Disappointing moments/Regrets:
Having commissions I haven't done for almost the whole year (Drives me nuts because I just haven't found the chance to do so, mainly too focused on my other writings and have lost a bit of my old writing spirit.)
Not completing Patreon requests on time. (This makes...
[ Continued ... ]
Merry Christmas Posted 2 years ago
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
An Update Posted 2 years ago
Good news all. Thanks to help from various supporters of my commissioned comic "Family Fates: Ingestion" with ndnode, I was able to purchase three more pages. If you are a supporter, pls let me know, I tend to forget shit easily and I ask because you get the free option of getting to see all WIPs of the comic. This is included with being a supporter of mine on Patreon too.

I have also been planning a sequel to the comic as soon as it is done. However, the plans will be kept secret to all but a few. Sorry, but that is how it is going to be.