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I'm back Posted 3 weeks ago
Alright, I'm back to writing.
pause in work Posted 1 month ago
I will take a few weeks of rest without writing. Kind of tired and my latest chapters are the perfect example of it that they are really short.
reward Posted 1 month ago
No spoiler hint rewards from now on because I have troubles getting on the next chapter
Reward Posted 3 months ago
Remember. First one who put a like on one the sites on my newest chapter will get a reward in a form of hint to the next chapter. I'm gonna upload the fifth one now.
HNTBL spinoff Posted 3 months ago
I have a little habit that gives a little hint for those wo give the first fav what's gonna happen in the next chapter.
I must confess about Royal Dragons Posted 4 months ago
I must confess something. In the middle of writing Royal Dragons C13 I found a link for a discord server for How Not To Became Lunch. I know I said that I’m not gonna drop it but I lost the motivation to write RD and I feel the flame again for HNTBL. I’m sorry if someone is feeling that I deceived someone. The investigation part is something that is underestimated and it's a lot harder to say the truth. But if someone likes both of these works I can assure you that I will put my heart into it. I’ll promise.