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Optica Screenplay (back) on Patreon Posted 2 months ago

I'll try to keep things brief to save time, but ever since the move to SubscribeStar, I haven't been making ends meet like I need to. The only thing keeping afloat for the past two years was the combination of my subscribers that continued to support me, as well as both my bun Gwen Greenears & recent VRChat Avatar Commissions that were taken on the side. But, there's only so much I can do. If you recall, my initial departure from the platform was because of their inconsistent policy regarding types of vore. It makes it all the more surprising that my page was approved after having it re-made.

Anyways, the page is live. The first two tiers might seem different from SubscribeStar's, but that's because Patreon...
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PC Status, Comms, YCHs, and VRChat Posted 9 months ago
Hey all. I figured I drop this journal entry, since we’re well in 2022 & that it’s been a while since I updated. Starting off, I never did share an update with you guys directly regarding my PC setup. Well, if it wasn’t apparent enough with the recent art I shared, the good news is that, thanks to all of you, I was able to get it back together! I cannot begin to thank you all enough for the help in getting my livelihood back on track. I’m nothing without any of you. ❤

With that out of the way, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on commissions in a number of places; Discord DMs, site notes, even Twitter notifications. I am incredibly flattered that many came to me for a commission. However I can’t...
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PC Broken (Update: Parts secured!) Posted 11 months ago
EDIT: starting from scratch isn't an option, but I was able to improvise. Also yes, my other parts work elsewhere, though my video card needs to be checked, first.


I'm going to give an explanation as to what's going on. I may be all over the place with this explanation, so bare with me.

Basically, I was in Georgia with my partner Gwen Greenears for two months. I was going to head home so I can be back with my family in-time for the holidays. One of the plans was having my PC shipped from Georgia to home in New Jersey. I have everything wrapped & sent on over to UPS, and UPS was going to have my PC delivered by Wednesday. Delays in shipping held it back by a day, so it...
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IRL Visit & YCH News Posted 1 year ago
I have no better way to put this, but I will be meeting the minds behind both Gwen Greenears and Tefnut of Honey in-person, for the first time ever this weekend! Not only that, but I'll be leaving with Gwen for a good month afterwards! However I will need help covering preparations & some dues.

That is why, along side a new YCH, I will be introducing permanent price drops for all older YCHs! If you're interested in an order, then feel free to reach me in DMs/PMs here, elsewhere, or my email [email protected] .

Cheers, and have a good one! ♥
Aryion Uploads Updated! Full Video Support! Posted 1 year ago
For the first time, all of my video uploads here on Eka's Portal are now playable directly! They even work on mobile devices, too! If anyone has technical difficulties or finds any issues with uploads, message me. Also yes, the Video FAQ is long overdue for an update, which I will do very soon.

In the near future, I'll also look into updating all of my video uploads on InkBunny, as well as new uploads on Derpibooru, though that'll take some time.
Content Going Forward Posted 2 years ago
Hey all. I understand that these are rather unprecedented times, but I have a few announcements to make regarding past and future content.

Starting things off is YCHs. The past two I've done this year, have honestly been a big success! However, I was never clear as to when a YCH ended, but I wish to dispel any confusion with a final decision. YCHs past & future will remain open, and with no order limitations! My reasoning is because the YCHs have been a huge help for me, especially with the financial hit I took moving from Patreon to SubscribeStar Adult. Every penny counts, especially during these trying times, and I honestly can't thank you all enough.

This next bit is regarding icky content. Specifically flatulence & scat. I was initially fine with...
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Openly Eaten SFM YCH Posted 2 years ago
I'm starting a Your Character Here based on the Openly Eaten short. DM me if you're interested!

YCH Terms:

This is not an auction! I'll be taking a list of orders to complete them.
$15 per video, limit one per person.
Video will be MP4, 1080p, 60 FPS, and 7 seconds.
Pred can be ANY pony model, but ReVAmped/ReVOred is recommended.
Prey can be ANY pony model! (Old, Enhanced, V5, V6, VPP, ect.)
Payments are through PayPal only, at [email protected]
No Refunds.
Leaving Patreon Soon Posted 2 years ago
I would never thought it would ever come to this, but I guess that's the horrible magic of 2020...

For the uninitiated, Patreon itself has began cracking down on artists for drawing any content they deem objectionable off-site, which you can read here. If any of this sounds familiar, well it's not the first time I voiced my own concerns. I honestly find this to be very unethical of Patreon to attack a large portion of their base, especially during a global pandemic, an awful recession, and...
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DOB Posted 2 years ago
Not to seek for a lot of attention, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

I'm 29 now. Also on an unrelated note, I decided to leave Twitter yesterday for emotional health reasons.
Solidarity & Refresh Posted 2 years ago
I stand in solidarity with the BLM movement. Police need desperate reform, and if anyone takes issue with my stance then stop & think. Have humanity. If you wanna help, then take your pick! If you're protesting, please stay safe out there. Also, just don’t be racist. It’s not hard, yo.

I know, I know. I keep politics separate from everything lewd here, but I feel this goes well beyond politics. It would be wrong of me not to speak up. As for “why not sooner,” it’s simply because I’ve been more active between irl and on Twitter as of late. You have my apologies for that.

That said, things have been slow, but I’m trying to keep up with my work once more. I have some stuff that I have yet to share, along with new...
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