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THE WINNER! Posted 1 year ago
the winner of the raffle is  HugsAndV0re

Thanks to the people who participed,
for sure I'll make more raffles
G I V E A W A Y Posted 1 year ago
If you haven't heard I'm making a raffle
I'm celerbating I got 500 watchers!!

Prize? a full color commission for free!

If you want to participate, you'd better rush
You have until this wednesday March 10th.

to know more about go to the post and and follow the rules:
going backwards (?) (╯_╰) Posted 1 year ago
Hey guys! lately I've been feeling that I'm not moving forward with my art, like i'm going backwards o(╥﹏╥)o. I guess some of you have noticed I've been trying different art styles since I'm not satisfied enough with it I was in a artblock during a time where I dind't like anything what I made. But from now on I'd like to change that, to improve to deliver a better art.

I'm open to recive any criticism and/or suggestion, let me know what's you favorite piece from my gallery, what you like less and why? From now on I'll be working harder not to let you down (●´ω`●) I want still growing in this website, I really apreciate all the support and people who commissioned me, thanks for trusting me~ \(*^▽^*)/

Making commissions is the way I'm earning money now while I'm...
[ Continued ... ]