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Death 13 Posted 7 years ago

I've been pretty slow as of lately, with the exception of a few collabs with my friend and such. I've honestly been meaning to write a lot more and, I HAVE gotten down some good concepts and stories to share with you guys. If I can get past my motivational issues...

And one other small problem.

My HD is dieing. Well, the HD on my new comp anyway. My old comp is still working and is how I'm even sharing this bad news with you guys in the first place. My new comp's HD isn't down and out YET, and what's odd is that it's not giving me any system errors or anything (neither before nor after it warned me of an "imminent failure"). Everything is working fine despite it's so called "failing" state, but I suppose the symptoms of...
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Hallowed Out Posted 8 years ago
Shut up and strap in, we're going to Hueco Mundo for 30 years!

Okay, we're not but still.

Happy Halloween to those who're doin' the usual festivities and what not; candy, ghosts, people in awkward costumes you kinda wanna say something about but you're afraid they might get pissy. I was going to post a total of two stories in the spirit of scariness and late night B-movie marathons but...coursework fucked that in the ass and tossed it in the gutter of shame. However, this isn't saying said stories are lost causes as I'll still post'em...just that them being late will kinda fuck up the impact they're supposed to have...if that makes sense.

In any case, have fun guys and stay safe.

~ PDP Sez ~
"If you're toilet is backed up...
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DANGER! (ACTA Battle Ver.) Posted 9 years ago
Bad news bears, friends. While we were fighting SOPA/PIPA, those bastards got sneaky and decided to negotiate this nasty little bill right past us. Known as ACTA, this bill is especially dangerous as it's a worldwide matter and is basically SOPA/PIPA effecting the entire world (as it it wasn't already). Many countries have already signed it but, I hold hope that we still have a chance. A little birdy told me that the final vote is Jan. 26th so we still have a couple days to raise awareness and find/create petitions. For now, I have this one avaliable, but don't let this one be enough. Find as many you can that effect the recent variant of ACTA and spread it too!

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Rage connected to Enlightenment Posted 9 years ago
Holy shit this is so good.

That it deserves it's own blog post! \o/

Seriously, the guys pushing for SOPA are the same ones who caused all the piracy IN. THE. FIRST. PLACE.

Dudes, dudettes! We gotta spread this shit, spread it like the bubonic plauge! Share this with your lawmakers, congressmen, who ever's involved with the SOPA case. With this evidence we can bring them down!
Americaw, FUCK NO Posted 9 years ago
I'm sure the lot of you have heard about SOPA and Protect IP, yes? If not then all you really need to know is that Americaw is pulling a dick move (well more like the media industries like Hollywood) and trying to pretty much censor the internet to prevent piracy.

TOO BAD THEY HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA ON WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF THIS BECOMES A FUCKING LAW. - This video accurately sums up why this is bad and why those who thought it was a good idea should feel bad >_>

Otherwise, I'm in no mood to do nothing else. Too busy raging at how stupid this country has become over the past decade. If there was anytime to have a reason to Ragequit America,...
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Adding to the Book of Eibon Posted 9 years ago's been a while since I last updated, yes?

Of course it has. I suck butt at keeping these sorts of things updated.

In anycase, if any of you have frequented the chat about a couple weeks ago, you probably would have noticed me spouting off some crap about me being away from home and illustrating for a book and blah blah blah. Yeah, that much is actually true. It was all a rather sudden decision though on my aunt's behalf so I really had no time to really prepare before the deadline. The story goes that her friend needed someone to illustrate a book she was going to get published and it just so happened that my aunt was so eager to get my 'talents' as an artist noticed by recommending me and eventually dragging me up there to Norfolk where I would get...
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Pound down in Japanland Posted 10 years ago
It would seem that a normal system recovery was enough to fix the problem. It's been 3 days since the incident and I haven't heard a single audio clip nor have I had any other problems thus far. I've gotten used to Firefox now and I've gotten my hands on Noscript which, makes me feel a lot safer knowing that it's there blocking shit (some shit I have to allow in order to do what I want but, at least it tells me what I'm letting in). Firefox is great, and it's a wonder as to why I've been so stuck on using IE for so long (probably because I was too much of a lazy fatass to change browsers); the thing I like most is that it allows for spell check to work in browser so, any of those third grade mistakes I make while writing up a post can be fixed and I will look less retarded! \o/
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What Lies Beneath... Posted 10 years ago
Oh hey, an update that's not 2 years apart, but I assure, this isn't really good news...

Recently, I've been battling some rather tenacious malware on my front and while I was able to find and delete most of the other threats, but there is just this one that will NOT leave me the fuck alone. Seriously, I don't know where it is, but it consistently starts playing off this audio clips that advertise Lysol sprays and occasionally says "Congratulations, you won." It's nothing that out right destroys my computer's hard drive or anything (thank Shinki), but it's incredibly annoying and slows my computer down quite a bit making internet usage tedious. Malwarebytes doesn't seem to work in detecting it (although it did find one threat in safe mode that I didn't even know...
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We care more about The JOJ than anything else. Posted 10 years ago
Wooo-wee, it's been...a good minute since I did anything with my blog, huh? Yeah, I'd think a good 2 years would count as a 'good minute' :T

In anycase, nothing much to really report actually except two key things. For starters the new demo of Touhou 13 has given us a character with some heavy vorish, implications. At face value she doesn't seem pred-ish, but check out dat ability of hers~

Does this mean I'll be drawing some Yoshika vore action soon...maybe. That outfit is...not really encouraging me to draw her, really, but I think it'd be neat since there's hardly any Touhou vore here. :V

That out the way, let's move on to the second thing; me actually figuring out how to create a...
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♦ Stagnant Air ♦ Posted 11 years ago
"♦ Ailment susceptibility up! ♦"

Welp, I got hit with a load of malware...

Worst part is, I was being an idiot and didn't know about it until my computer decided to say "Oh hi, I'm infected with an assload of yeah." And the several Anti-Virus programs I had on there saying "We can fix this shit, Oh but you gotta pay us first." Of course I don't have any money so then they'll say "Oh well we're not gonna help you, have fun with your viruses and malware lolroflmao." Yeah...kinda pissed at that...I mean, I know they put that shit in your computer as a way to get an extra profit, but really...when I got hit with this, it felt like I was being trolled, which REALLY did not help me mood on the...
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