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Hiatus Over! Posted 4 years ago
hey everyone, I know I haven't been active for quite awhile and you all haven't seen much new art from me, I was busy with a few things but all that is over now and new art will be comming in from me as usual, I look forward to getting back on track!
Pointless Blog Posted 5 years ago
this blog is mostly to bump my vacation one so people don't think I'm still gone, many months has it been? and I forgot to update you guys on it ^^; my bad

for those who are interested here is how my cruise went, otherwise ignore this its a long read

day 1
began with the long plane ride with a layover in Dallas Texas and then to Miami where we spent 1 night in a rather rundown hotel, I honestly think it was a motel either way it wasn't the best, but we survived got some Wendy's and went to bed, and headed to the cruise ship the next morning

day 2
went through the ship's customs learning we couldn't take water on the ship, so we had...
[ Continued ... ]
Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know I won't be around for the next 10 or so days since I am leaving on a cruise heading out from miami Florida and cruising about the western Caribbean I head out today and don't get back till the 19th I'm gonna miss all of you

there will be no contacting me since there is no internet or even phone service in the middle of the ocean, s any comissions or things you might need me for will have to wait till after

love you guys and hope to see you and tell you all about it when I get back <3
Adorable artist who needs some loves <3 Posted 7 years ago go check her out her art is great as she is super sweet <3 she draws noms sometimes too so bonus! :D