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I Need Your Ideas! [Requests Closed] Posted 6 days ago

Request period is closed now. Thank you to everyone who sent in an idea. I'll be working in the next few weeks to write up the ones I liked best. No guarantees that I'll fulfill your request if you sent one. Stay tuned!

Announcement: The Fourth Seal Posted 8 months ago
Evil has come to Whitehaven, a wealthy port at the edge of the Saccrian Empire. A young woman searching for freedom and a washed-up paladin in search of redemption make an unlikely pairing and face off against the evil lurking above and below the city.

I wrote another book-length story! (~108k words)

Oathbreaker - book one of The Fourth Seal – is a magic-fantasy adventure inspired by all the times I've been gamemaster for DnD/Pathfinder and wanted to include something vorish. Each chapter contains at least one vore scene. It contains: Female (humanoid) preds, a mouthful of same-size oral vore, so many bellies, at least one lusty lesbian, some safe vore, some not-so-safe vore, magic, a fat mummy queen predator, angels, daemons, a cold plate of...
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