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Blog: 100K & The Future Posted 4 months ago

I passed 100k views not too long ago and wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made that happen. I have only been making content here for about two years, but in that time I’ve received so many encouraging comments and messages. Learning and growing with you all has been key to my development as a writer. It’s been wonderful to get the messages I do from folks, and I feel very lucky to have such a supportive and friendly fanbase. Full Ride, and other requests have been a way for me to give back in a small way, and I hope to be able to do another round in the future.

For anyone who’s curious about what’s next from me, I have been focusing my time on a few non-vore writing projects which will likely be published under a different pseudonym....
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I Need Your Ideas! [Requests Closed] Posted 11 months ago

Request period is closed now. Thank you to everyone who sent in an idea. I'll be working in the next few weeks to write up the ones I liked best. No guarantees that I'll fulfill your request if you sent one. Stay tuned!

Announcement: The Fourth Seal Posted 1 year ago
Evil has come to Whitehaven, a wealthy port at the edge of the Saccrian Empire. A young woman searching for freedom and a washed-up paladin in search of redemption make an unlikely pairing and face off against the evil lurking above and below the city.

I wrote another book-length story! (~108k words)

Oathbreaker - book one of The Fourth Seal – is a magic-fantasy adventure inspired by all the times I've been gamemaster for DnD/Pathfinder and wanted to include something vorish. Each chapter contains at least one vore scene. It contains: Female (humanoid) preds, a mouthful of same-size oral vore, so many bellies, at least one lusty lesbian, some safe vore, some not-so-safe vore, magic, a fat mummy queen predator, angels, daemons, a cold plate of...
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