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i have a twitter now i guess Posted 1 month ago
go ahead and follow me if you’d like
Steven Universe is over... What happens now? Posted 9 months ago
boy, i sure do regret getting lazy with my username and deciding to base it around a show that was ending in like seven months lol.

Don’t worry guys, I’ll still be drawing plenty of steven universe and I’ll try getting back to drawing more Amethyst because she is best gem.
A short story made for me by a great friend! Posted 11 months ago
Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a good day.

Last night, my good friend and talented writer MasterArchfiend finished up a short story for me based on this drawing which spawned from a discussion that we were having over on discord. While the story itself is somewhat short (and has no vore but that’s perfectly okay with me), it’s definitely worth the read if you ask me!

I also suggest that you guys take the time to look at the rest of Archfiend’s written works, because his stuff is absolutely incredible!
Done with High School! :D Posted 11 months ago
welp, I’ve got some good news fellas!

Today I took my final exams, marking the end of my journey through high school! This means I’ll now have much more time on my hands each day to balance out how much work I get done for my online college classes while drawing between breaks!

Also, as a side note, I’ve begun updating my older drawings with some of those shading reworks that I mentioned I would do in my blog post from yesterday. I’d say expect around 3-4 of my older drawings to be updated in no particular order each day. Currently, I’ve got only 3 that’ve been updated as of right now: my very first drawing of Amethyst, my drawing of Amethyst under White Diamonds’s control, and my first drawing of Holly Blue Agate.