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Stories a Brewing Posted 1 year ago
Evening all!

Sorry everyone for the drought, after writing the first part of Serleena's Conquest, I took a step back and looked at it. I decided I wasn't happy with my writing, it felt rushed and read sloppily. So I paused on my writing and started brainstorming for other stories, including part two of Serleena's Conquest. Don't worry currently I have no plan of removing the first part of Serleena's Conquest, though at some point I may go back and rewrite it. Currently i've got several ideas brewing up, I hope to have one of them out within a week, but I can't promise anything. Finally I wanted to thank everyone who so heartily supported my first piece of writing. I've often been a watcher of the vore community and have always wanted to add to it. I wanted to draw but i've...
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