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Thanks for 100k Views! (Update) Posted 2 months ago
I wanted to say thanks for 100k views! I am currently moving. Thus I can't finish any writing for at least a month. The good news is, I should be a lot more productive after the move. I will be in a far less toxic environment than I am now and have a break from working for at least a good while. Still, I want to do something for 100k since it's really the first significant milestone I've reached. Thus, the story Bleach Finish Her, based on a picture done by Natsumemetalsonic, shall be posted publically. Likely as you're reading this. It was previously my first and only Patreon Exclusive story. So, I will have to write more or think of a different way to model it as I get more active. That's it for this update. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy it!

My commission slots may...
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Update! (Yeah it's been a while) Posted 1 year ago
The main reasons for my absence are the following.

1. I'm working on a writing project that takes both time and money. It has nothing to do with this site or fetishes, and I won't be making any public announcements about it on this site. It has to do with a hobby where I'm a public figure in the community I'm in (which is still a very niche one), and would rather not have a bunch of people knowing my kinks.

2.Work and life have generally taken up my free time. It's hard for me to balance my work and hobbies as it is.

Depression and motivation. I've had no muse to write vore in a long time. I was considering declaring an indefinite hiatus from this. I wouldn't have deleted my work, but I wasn't going to add any more to it.

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Commission Slots Open! Posted 2 years ago
I'll put it simply. I have three slots open, first come, first serve. I'll post an update once these slots are filled!

For more information, check out the link to my commission status below!

Also, if you can spare a buck, support me on Patreon!
Quick Update Posted 2 years ago
Sooo May's been crazy. As stated in my last blog, I got a new job, and started in early May. Around that time, I also got dental surgery, and had to recover from that. My training week was six working days in a row. To make things worse, I got sick at the get together for my Birthday that weekend, which lead to severe ear infections in both ears. I'm getting treatment, but still recovering. No more pain, but I still have significant hearing loss in both ears. I just hope it's not permanent x.x

On the plus side, I'll only be working three days a week. In the long run, this means I'll have time to write. I'm sorry to the three I haven't finished commissions for yet. I'll do my best to get at least one if not more finished during these next few days off. After those...
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So... I got a job! Posted 2 years ago
It's nothing much, but I'll make some income for myself, finally. Maybe move out and all that jazz. Anyway, as it affects this site...

I will still finish the three commissions I've taken on. After that though, I will take a hiatus from doing Commission work, until I get use to working graveyard shift hours. Even then, I doubt I will have more than one slot open at a time. Unless I lose it... then I'll be begging at the writer alley commission forum lol

That being said, I'll still write smut overall. I have a two part story more or less written, I just have to finish proofreading after my commission stuffs is done. It was meant to be one story... but I over did it and both halves are different enough. One is story leading up to vore, then the second half...
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Patron exclusive Story now for 1$ Posted 2 years ago
For a pledge of 1$, Bleach Finish Her! Alternate Ending is available.

Just as a quick summary, it is a story based off an old bleach comic NatsumeMetalSonic did. F/F vore, with implied digestion. The main draw being that Rangiku gobbles up Rukia, instead of Haineko(Rangiku's zanpaktou spirit). Link to my Pateron below!

I want to make at least one public story, commissions not included, before I do a patron exclusive story once more. But I do plan on having one early next year, if my work becomes more consistent. Any...
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Link to Deleted Stories & Other Updates Posted 2 years ago
Quite a few stories were deleted in the purge of underage-related content. It is what it is. I have no intention of leaving this site, nor stop posting stories here. That being said, each story that has been deleted should be on my DeviantArt account. For all future stories with underage characters, at least until/if the situation on this site changes, shall be posted there instead.

Sorry for being slow lately. it's just normal ware and tear of having depression and living in a house I live at. Plus other tech issues etc. Worry not though, nothing is overly wrong. I'm working on stories now, including the one I intend to be my first...
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MAJOR Updates! Posted 3 years ago
It's been a while since I posted anything to this page, art or update wise. So I made this. I am hard at work finishing up stories though! That being said, here is a few updates to my various pages.

PRICE CHANGES (Sorta... but not really!)

Now, on my commission status, it now states that I now charge 5.00$ per-page. My previous price was 3.50$ per-page. However, that was on my old writing format, where I had only 450 words per-page. I shall now have over 600 words-per page! The previous amount was due to the old, and outdated way I had to calculate. I used firefox's spellcheck, and a website's word to page converter. It had limited options for how it formats spaces between lines, so I just did the best I could using that. Thus, how I came up with the original...
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Update! (Hiatus overish) Posted 3 years ago
My brother let me barrow his laptop. So for the time being, I can get back to writing again! That being said, I'm hesitant to open up commissions again; at least to the general public. If someone really wants a story though, and doesn't mind the wait, and/or wants to help me raise funds to fix my broken computer, perhaps we can talk. After I finish the commissions already paid for, I shall open my commission slots up once more.

Now, there may be another possible hiatus soon for health reasons. I may need surgery for an entrapped nerve in my wrist or elbow. Needless to say, typing with a numb pinky and ring finger is rather annoying. If and when this happens, I shall make another update on how active I can be during that recovery time. I will get as much done as I can before...
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Commissions Closed! (Hiatus) Posted 3 years ago
I shall finish the three commissions I already owe. However, after that, I won't be making anymore vore stories for a while. This is due to two simple reasons.

1. My computer is broken.
2. I have another writing project I really want to work on, that is outside of the vore community, or anything related to that.

Once I have some type of stable place to write, and finish my other project, I shall be opening commissions again! I can't say exactly when that will be... but worst case is likely until towards the end of 2018. Hopefully I'm wrong about that though. There is one story I already began to write, the one I wanted as a pateron exclusive, but I shall put that on the back burner as well for the time being; since I can't dedicate myself to those goals...
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