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False Alarm, it seems. Posted 4 years ago
For the time being anyway, it seems it was an empty threat. She is too lazy to actually go through the process to end the internet. Sooo no hiatus. If things change, I shall update. Otherwise, I have 3 commissions to get to work on!
Indefinite Hiatus Posted 4 years ago
My internet is being shut off, and I don't think I'll have a job to pay for it anytime soon. (It will be even harder with no internet...sigh) Hopefully I'm wrong and I'll be back by next month.

I will work on commissions that I've already agreed to work on, and was paid for/paid in part. I will just have to get creative with how I manage to upload/send them. Likely library, or some weekly thing I go to that has internet. As long as no questions are asked of what the writing is...hahaha...

But I won't be taking any new commissions until I fully return. Sorry for the inconvenience to the few I talked to who haven't paid yet. I shall contact anyone it that camp upon my return though!
Updates to Commission Status Posted 5 years ago
I made some changes to pricing for fetish related things that I'm not into. Also, a few practices I already do explained up front. Mainly the first time customers rule for payment. Otherwise, my 3 dollars a page price still remains. Please check it out in the link below!

:gulp: :gulp: :gulp: ...
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