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COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Posted 1 month ago
As usual, I have no idea how to work the portal.

Buut you can take a sneak peak at this link right here! Anddd PM me on here, or on Twitter. Whichever. :D
SUBSCRIBESTAR Posted 4 months ago
Made one of those! Lots of perks, including commissions.....
streaming! Posted 4 months ago
Discounted Commissions ($12) for... Kittens????? Posted 5 months ago
So long story short, my wife and I picked up some abandoned kitties. It's a little bit of a pricey thing, I'm not gonna lie!

But I'm doing quick minimal color sketches for $12! You can see examples and stuff at this twitter link (nsfw) !

Thanks for looking! Still don't know how posting here and stuff works, but hope y'all are doing good in these hell months!
finally opened up commissions! Posted 1 year ago
not sure how blogging on this website works, but i've opened up commissions! you can read it on here or have a more extensive view of both writing/art on the google drive here !!