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Twenty Seven today Posted 3 months ago
Wheeeee. I'm ancient now. Thanks for being cool, dudes.
2 million views Posted 1 year ago
That's mega bonkers guys, thanks!
Birthday today! Posted 1 year ago
I'm officially 26 ayyyy.

also realized I've almost got total 2 million views, that's pretty crazy. Thanks for liking the stuff I get, guys! Be sure to support the artists!
Plans for next commissions! Posted 2 years ago
I'm going to be working on Fanon stuff now, going from suggestions from the strawpolls I made. Not surprised Touhou made it to the top but I also like Touhou so it's fine, probably going to focus on some stuff that hasn't gotten any content in a while-but I will always find myself coming back to Fate of course lmao.

Will probably do some Senran Kagura things first, as not much of that has popped up in recent memory at all.

Of course, waiting for things to settle financially for me first.

As always, I do like hearing suggestions, but of course-I have my own ideas as well.
Bruh Posted 2 years ago
Hope you've all had a good year sofar! Mine's been a bit of a rocky miserable start myself. I just wanted to say that I bore in mind stuff from the poll a while back and will probably start putting out ideas and content from things people voted for in that at some point. I've been self indulgent with Ren for a long time and I imagine people can get sick of that lmao.

If you'd like to toss ideas my way related to these, feel free to PM me or comment below. I enjoy collabing with people.

Also my block tutorial images are no longer visible due to the new blog system, but if you need it let me know and I'll upload them to imgur or something and edit it here.
Friendly refresher Posted 2 years ago
For some rules and tips for dealing with a dinosaur website that is not common knowledge.

Blocking PMS

Tutu 1.png

Tutu 2.png

Blocking comments and tag/self tagging:



Some rules that absolutely get enforced and are in effect:
You aren't allowed to beg for requests

Harassment is obviously not allowed nor is using slurs against people or insulting them.

Real life cannibalism talk is not allowed

more here:...
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What would you like to see? Part 2 this time it WORKS Posted 2 years ago
This time with a working poll that isn't on Ekas.

Anything not listed here is unlikely to be considered by me but you can still suggest it, I welcome ideas in the comments and such, again, nothing promised and all that.

Allowed multiple choices this time.

These are series I'm even slightly familiar with, anything I'm not familiar with I probably won't touch because I won't be able to come up with ideas on my own for them.
Polls broken, apparently Posted 2 years ago
Which is weird, I guess polls in blogs are broken?

I'll make a strawpoll tomorrow
What would you like to see? Posted 2 years ago
Gay poll broke redoing
Random lore/personality snippet Posted 3 years ago
I've posted Ren's profile before but I can also get that people don't want to read that or miss it.

For those that care, here's some flavor text tl;dr about Ren.

My angels are all born with a sin ingrained into their very being derived from the 7 deadly sins, that if they cave to-they will fall. Ren's is lust, and besides angels being forbidden from knowing about sex and the like, she reacts volatilely to it because she's inexplicably pulled towards things of a sexual nature even if she has no sexual education or knowledge whatsoever. (yes, she does not know what a penis is, or that her vagina is called a vagina, she just thinks it's a hole that exists for peeing.)

On the subject of eating people: In my universe and subsequently any other universe,...
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