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What the hell do I do after beating Kathaint? Posted 10 years ago
In Cartomancer (see previous entry), Kathaint appears to be the ultimate boss, a dragon with 9000 HP, who single-mindedly claws your leader for ~100HP a turn.
I just beat her through a combination of 1) The Eridassa and Giant Faerie Honey cards being ridiculously broken, 2) The Enchanter being ridiculously broken, and 3) Stupid luck.

Here's how to do it:
-Get Eridassa and Giant Faerie Honey cards
-Enchant a couple of Brightwind's Embrace, Eridassa, and the Giant Faerie Honey down to cost 1 while enchanting your leader up to ~1000 HP (requires ca 22K tokens)
-Build a deck containing the above and a couple of other supplements
-Play Brightwind's Embrace on leader when wounded
-Play Giant Faerie Honey on Eridassa
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Cartomancer: Shortest Game Ever Posted 10 years ago
Insert generic prelude remark here.

So I'm playing Duamutef's card game - called Cartovore or Cartomancer depending on what bit you're looking at - and I just had the shortest game ever, which was all of 2 turns long. I don't think it's possible to get shorter without a ridiculous expenditure.

Turn 1: Eridassa.
Turn 2: Giant Faerie Honey.

"Eridassa attacks Fayzee for 1047 damage.
Fayzee's battered body falls to the hard ground. She looks up helplessly as Shiacanda stands over her, hungrily licking her lips. Within seconds she is a squirming bulge in Shiacanda's belly, never to escape again..."

Cost of enhancing an Eridassa card to the point where...
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