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IMPORTANT. Posted 3 months ago
It was brought to my attention that people have been reposting the work me and some of my friends made onto other sites and threads claiming to have made them. Please do not repost any of the art on my page to any other site. it is unfair to steal some else’s work and claim to have made it. I want to share my work with others not have my effort and my friends efforts stolen in such a manner. if this continues I might be forced to shut down my account to prevent this from happening. For those who have been following me and the work me and my friends produce thank you, it is always fantastic to share my work with my followers and hear your opinions :)
Character ideas Posted 7 months ago
I was thinking it would be cool to get some feed back on what characters I might use next so feel free to shoot characters or ideas in the comment section for a chance of them getting drawn. I won’t be doing other peoples OCs though if you guys want to see more of Kasia Shes fairs game.

I’m looking for female prey from either anime’s or games cuz I’m crazy for that stuff. And as a little hint the shorter the hairs and the more rarely drawn they are the higher chance I’ll use them. Kasia would also be something I would have a higher chance to get done.

The more people ask for a specific character the higher chance :D
VS series Project idea Posted 9 months ago
Hey guys
I’ve been thinking for awhile and I’m currently putting together a project where you as the followers get to pick different characters from a roster I will give you. After picking 2 characters there will be a vote to see witch character will win in a duel. And of corse the victor will eat the loser rinse and repeat untill only one character remains. When a character wins they will proceed to the next round untill they win or become food to another. Each duel will have a before and after showing the contestants before and the winner with a full belly plus internal. I plan on holding a few different VS series based off different characters some from anime’s and people OC’s. As of now I’m still debating on what the first round will be but I will get back to you guys on a later...
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